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Currency Name Generator

This currency name generator creates names suitable for sci-fi and fantasy world-building. It generates both single-name currencies and names with a prefix for additional context.

Click the generate button to get ten random options and then click the stars to save your favorites.

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What are good names for fake money?

There are a few good options for naming currency:

  1. A made-up word that is typically short
  2. A common material or word (gold, bits, copper)
  3. A descriptive word placed before the name of the currency (Queen’s Coppers, Royal Orbs)

Some examples include:

  • Denarius
  • Rand
  • Etheral Krone
  • Rorr
  • Commonwealth Sequin
  • Lev
  • Celestial Sol
  • Sovereign Ducat
  • Manat
  • Crown Daler
  • Ancestral Mon
  • Koruna
  • Drogons