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Mobster Name Generator

This mobster name generator creates male and female mafia name ideas with matching nicknames. It’s excellent for any writing project, role-playing, or gaming.

Select a gender, click the generate button, and then click the stars to save your favorite name ideas.

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Some of our favorite mafia names

Here are a few name options that we loved from the mobster name generator:

  • Herbert ‘Sly’ La Sala
  • Moreno ‘The Nose’ D’Arezzo
  • Dacio ‘Meatball’ Chimento
  • Tobias ‘Machine Gun’ Assante
  • Cirino ‘The Gut’ Amaro
  • Ricardo ‘Numbers’ Pezzullo
  • Carter ‘Big Nose’ Versace
  • Evan ‘The Bystander’ Ragucci
  • Logan ‘The Fixer’ Scelza
  • Giorgia ‘Princess’ Di Berardino
  • Raymundo ‘The Snitch’ Navarro
  • Timothy ‘Nine Lives’ Castello
  • Franklin ‘Teddybear’ Zucco
  • Gianni ‘The Spider’ Bezio
  • Stuart ‘Pitbull’ Cisco
  • Maura ‘Flowers’ Graziani
  • Ty ‘Sweet Cakes’ Gionta
  • Gualtiero ‘The Liar’ Tangredi
  • Brent ‘Two Toes’ Maritato
  • Cora ‘Shotgun’ Torcivia
  • Aresio ‘Big Brains’ Lona

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