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This podcast name generator will create helpful name ideas for any type of internet audio or video podcast. It creates two types of names: ideas that are generic and can work for many types of shows and names that use the topic you enter below.

To get started, type in the subject matter of your podcast. Then click the generate button to get ten random name ideas. Finally, click the stars to save your favorites to a list.

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Podcast Name Ideas

To provide you with some ideas for naming your podcast, we’ll start off by looking at several different types of names that you might choose from. These examples include both real podcasts and some similar sample ideas.

Funny Podcast Names

If you’re running a comedy podcast or just want something that gets a smile, you might like a funny podcast name. Some real examples include 2 Bears 1 Cave, Why Won’t You Date Me?, and Call Her Daddy.

  • That’s a Spicy Meatball
  • Won’t Shut Up
  • Talk Dirty to Me
  • The Fashion Police
  • Pod People
  • The Dad Bods
  • Low Expectations
  • Peas in a Pod
  • In Pod We Trust

Cool Podcast Names

Cool podcast names often have a short, catchy name to them. Some examples include Slow Burn, Serial, and Crime Junkie.

  • The Usual Suspects
  • Deal With It
  • No Spoilers
  • The Tea Spillers
  • The Big Shots
  • The Boy Scout Dropouts
  • The Rainmakers
  • Pod Future
  • Silver Linings
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Podcasts with Your Name

If you are hosting the show, you can include your name in a simple title. Real examples include The Joe Rogan Experience, Lex Fridman Podcast, and Dolly Parton’s America.

  • “Your Name” in the Morning
  • “Your Name” Daily
  • Time Out with “Your Name”
  • The “Your Name” Show
  • “Your Name” Presents

Clever Podcast Names

Clever podcast names include things like plays on words or sayings that fit your pod’s theme. For example, Armchair Expert, Last Podcast on the Left, and Ear Biscuits.

  • Hot Topics
  • Sit Tight
  • The Unexpected
  • On My Mind
  • Talking About Nothing
  • Shed Some Light
  • Talk It Out
  • Just the Facts

Simple Podcast Names

These podcast names get straight to the point. These simple names make it obvious what the show is about. Some real examples include NPR News Now, Planet Money, and This is Dating.

  • “Your Topic” Today
  • The “Your Topic” Show
  • Speaking of “Your Topic”
  • “Your Topic” Junkie
  • All “Your Topic” All The Time
  • Daily “Your Topic”
  • “Your Topic” Lab