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Mandalorian Name Generator

This Mandalorian name generator will help you create unique name ideas for any Mandalorian character. The Mandalorians are an impressive group of like-minded characters throughout the Star Wars universe. Their unique appearance has inspired much fan-fiction as well as TV shows and movies.

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In Star Wars, the Mandalorians are a clan-based group of various species bound by a creed, language, and code. Because of the different sources of members, you can ultimately choose any Star Wars name that sounds fitting rather than worrying about a particular name style.

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Famous Mandalorian Names

Here are some of the best-known Mandalorian names throughout the Star Wars Universe.

  • Boba Fett – A crime lord and bounty hunter who wore Mandalorian armor from his father, Jango Fett
  • Jango Fett – A bounty hunter and the clone template for the Republic. Father of Boba Fett
  • Din Djarin – Known as “the Mandalorian” or “Mando” featured in the TV show of the same name
  • Sabine Wren – A female Mandalorian warrior and leader from Star Wars: Rebels
  • Gar Saxon – A male human Mandalorian who commanded the Mandalorian super commandos in Maul’s Shadow Collective during the Clone Wars
  • Bo-Katan Kryze – A female human Mandalorian who was the leader of the Nite Owls
  • Tiber Saxon – Gar’s brother who served as the governor of Mandalore
  • Pre Vizsla – A Mandalorian warrior who lead the Death Watch
  • Satine Kryze – A female Mandalorian who was Duchess of Kalevala and became ruler of Mandalore
  • Fenn Rau – Served as the Skull Leader during the Clone Wars and later the leader of the Protectors of the Concord Dawn