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Trivia Team Name Generator

This trivia team name generator will give you tons of amazing ideas for your quiz team. If you’re playing bar trivia, quiz bowl, or online trivia, these names are sure to fit the bill. This list includes funny, punny, nerdy, and more ideas.

Get ten random name options by clicking the generate button. Then save your favorites by clicking the star next to each name. You can also check out our categorized lists below.

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Funny Trivia Team Names

These ideas are pretty fun and funny. They’re sure to get your other quiz mates to crack a smile.

  • Alternative Facts
  • Awesome Sauce
  • Bad Alibis
  • Big Fact Hunters
  • Cooler Than Absolute Zero
  • Emotionally Fun-stable
  • Gettin Quizzy With It
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Quiz
  • I Quizzed My Pants
  • I Thought This Was Speed Dating
  • It’s Not Small; It’s Just Trivial
  • Just the Tip
  • Keep Calm and Quiz On
  • Les Quizerables
  • Let’s Get Quizzical
  • Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
  • Names are for Tombstones
  • Not Here to Make Friends
  • Once Upon A Team
  • Quiz Pro Quo
  • Rhymes with Orange
  • Risky Quizness
  • Show Me the Monet
  • Snarknado
  • Strangers with Candy
  • Tequila Mockingbird
  • The Bright Sparks
  • The Constantly Inconsistent
  • The Cunning Linguists
  • The Ebola Response Team
  • The Fact Checkers
  • The Holy Hand Grenades
  • The Jeo-PARTIES
  • The Jeoparty Rejects
  • The Master Debaters
  • The Member Berries
  • The Mindbenders
  • The Nacho Mommas
  • The Oxford Commas
  • The Periodic Table Dancers
  • The Queen’s of Quiz
  • The Quiz Kings
  • The Quiz Queens
  • The Quizly Bears
  • The Scrambled Eggheads
  • The Smarty Pants
  • The Testees
  • The Think Tank
  • The Titanic Swim Team
  • The Trivia Pursuits
  • The Trivia Troup
  • The Vicious Trollops
  • Trivia New Roman
  • TriviYeah
  • What the Fact?

Names for Underachievers

If your team isn’t the best at quizzes and you just want to have fun, these names might be for you. They’re also a fun disguise for the team who’s secretly great at trivia.

  • Can We Use a Lifeline?
  • Clueless
  • Kids Who Can’t Read Good
  • Lavish Display of Ignorance
  • Low Expectations
  • Low Slearners
  • Ship of Fools
  • The Comfortably Dumb
  • The Epic Failures
  • The First Losers
  • The Guess Masters
  • The Guesstimators
  • The Right Guesses
  • The Simple Minds
  • The Trump University Valedictorians
  • The Village Idiots
  • We’d Like to Phone a Friend
  • Worse Than Nickleback
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Drinking Trivia Team Names

If you’re just as interested in the drinking as the quizzing, these names are a good choice for your team.

  • Bed, Bar, and Beyond
  • Beer Pressure
  • Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem
  • I Swear to Drunk I’m Not God
  • In Dog Beers, We’ve Only Had One
  • Menace to Sobriety
  • Rehab is for Quitters
  • The Drink Tank
  • The Morning After Pilsner
  • The Smartinis
  • The Three Must Get Beers
  • We Drink and We Know Things
  • Whiskey Business

Name Pun Quiz Team Names

Here are a bunch of funny name puns from celebrities, fictional characters, and more.

  • Agatha Quiztie
  • Alex Quizbec
  • Beyonce Knows
  • Buzz Alwins
  • Don Quizote
  • E = MC Hammer
  • Eddie Quizzard
  • Elvis Parsley
  • Han Yolo
  • I Am Smarticus
  • Pink Freud
  • Quiztema Aguilera
  • Quiztie Brinkley
  • Quizton Stewart
  • Quizton Tarantino
  • Quiztopher Columbus
  • Quiztopher Quiztofferson
  • Red Hot Trivia Peppers
  • The Quizzard of Oz
  • The Sherlock Holmies
  • Trivia Newton John
  • Walt Quizney

Nerdy Trivia Team Names

If you like to show your team’s nerdy side then you’ll love these options.

  • AI Always Wins
  • A Wookie Mistake
  • Dumbledore’s Army
  • IBM Watson
  • Jar Jar Drinks
  • My Little Ponies
  • One Team to Rule Them All
  • Revenge of the Nerds
  • The Dungeon Masters
  • The Golden Snitches
  • The Quiz Bots
  • All Your Base are Belong to Us

Names That Mess With The Host

If you want to mess with your host, have them read these names out!

  • And In First Place
  • Hey Siri…
  • My Favorite Team
  • Nobody
  • The Best Team
  • The Future Champions
  • The Team That Bribed Mev

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