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Bandit Name Generator

This bandit name generator provides random names for d&d, fiction, and other role-playing. It works excellent for bandits, robbers, thieves, con artists, etc.

Select a gender and click the generated button to get ten random ideas. Click the stars next to your favorites to save them to a list.

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How do you name a bandit?

Bandit names have a first name followed by a descriptive word or characteristic of the character. This could be something about their physical appearance, a reputation they’ve built up, or a menacing word. You could also use a traditional last name if desired.

Male Bandit Names

Here’s a selection of some of our favorite male bandit names from the generator.

  • Barret Black Lung
  • Gerard the Fool
  • Thorburn the Hunter
  • Ravi Rebel
  • Irving Three Toes
  • Roberto Grimm
  • Sawyer Serpent
  • Roy Smiley
  • Carlos Hawkeye
  • Steve the Serpent
  • Mad Man Milton
  • Cyrus Razor
  • Brandon Bulletproof
  • Alex the Liar
  • Dwayne the Brute
  • Reginald the Shark
  • Holden the Devil
  • Newton Smiley
  • Terris Bullseye
  • Hyatt Witty
  • Jagger Blowhard
two bandits sitting on steps with a bat

Female Bandit Names

These female bandit names are perfectly suited to a girl robber or thief.

  • Tess Grimm
  • Anissa Sureshot
  • Alvina Hallow
  • Shirley the Stalker
  • Cara Rebel
  • Violet the Blade
  • Elisabeth Blackjack
  • Tatiana the Grin
  • Knox Naughty
  • Angelique the Angel
  • Kristina Black Eye
  • Lucille the Deceiver
  • Kaylin Crazy Eyes
  • Cristina Baby Face
  • Larissa the Bull
  • Gisselle the Menace
  • Kaitlynn Luck
  • Beverely Wild
  • Virginia Coyote
  • Leila the Pillager

Con Artist Names

These con artists’ names are great for a character who is a master of trickery and deception.

  • Aron the Friendly
  • Quinn the Con Artist
  • Aubree the Cheater
  • Royal the Con
  • Houston the Smirk
  • Elvin Sly
  • Alton Crackers
  • Aubrey the Liar
  • Waverly the Brains
  • Micheal Numbers
  • Terrell Trapper
  • Peyton Big Mouth
  • Rupert Witty
  • Allie Venom Tongue
  • Keaton the Brains
  • Stanmore the Con
  • Aiden the Infamous
  • Marston No Name
  • Aldred Hustler
  • Keegan the Cobra

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