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Our fairy name generator has thousands of unique name options. If you’re looking for a fairy (or faerie) name for gaming, role-playing, or playing, you’ll find fun options from the magical and mystical world of fairies. Let’s dive in!

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Girl Fairy Names

Girl fairy names often have a whimsical and delicate quality that reflects the ethereal and mystical nature of the fairy realm.

  • Briar Firespark
  • April Glittergem
  • Cayenne Rosecloud
  • Flora Lilymoon
  • Trinity Crystalsky
  • Stella Prettylight
  • Pepper Silverpearl
  • Ginger Hazelflash
  • Elm Waterrose
  • Tyra Frostydove
  • Meadow Twinklebee
  • Marin Sandyfield
  • Dalila Bumblegem
  • Lantana Flatterfrost
  • Sage Flutterdust
  • Dolly Darkmist
  • Swan Whitesparkle
  • Nebula Merrywitch
  • Tiger Prettylight
  • Bellflower Mountainlight
  • Kiki Oakwind
  • Bluebell Lillywood
  • Scorpia Cloudwish
  • Coral Willowsprite
  • Azore Thundervale

Boy Fairy Names

Boy fairy names can have a magical and mysterious quality that summons memories of an otherworldly realm full of woodland creatures and enchantment.

  • Moonbeam Goldenvale
  • Drake Snowtail
  • Spark Glittergem
  • Timber Magictwill
  • Meadow Moonbush
  • Raine Glitterspring
  • Tidal Bumblegem
  • Flame Dimplewitch
  • Woods Wonderflash
  • Harley Hollybell
  • Fox Blueflame
  • Nyx Lillybud
  • Lucky Lillybud
  • Reef Leafgust
  • Jarrah Merrywitch
  • Willow Moonflame
  • Aqua Diamondfrost
  • Brock Thunderspring
  • Berry Rainbowthorn
  • Sprinkle Frostfoam
  • Flix Graylocks
  • Robin Sparklesand
  • Foxglove Cloudshimmer
  • Lucky Cedarshore
  • Laurel Greyloop
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Nature Fairy Names

Nature fairy names often reflect a connection to the natural world with inspiration from elements such as flowers, plants, and animals. In this list, we’ve collected some charming and enchanting nature fairy names for a character in your story or role-playing.

  • Rocky Thunderthistle
  • Pinecone Maplefall
  • Grace Glitterrose
  • Hydrangea Goldenglade
  • Strawberri Driftwillow
  • Drake Petalgrove
  • Cosmo Lovelyblossom
  • Bear Cottonthistle
  • Newt Snowblossom
  • Coral Foggyforest
  • Newt Rainysparkle
  • Frostbite Amberblossom
  • Birch Glitterrose
  • Eidothea Frostgarden
  • Nelly Rosecloud
  • Heaven Meadowmist
  • Johanna Sweetbloom
  • Florian Mossmeadow
  • Astro Meadowflower
  • Aloha Sugarwillow
  • Summer Poinsetta
  • Raine Vanillaleaf
  • Dew Rainbowthorn
  • Laurel Fernthistle
  • Tiny Aspenfoot
  • Tangy Meadowmist
  • Briar Meadowflower
  • Smokey Starvine
  • Isabel Greenbush
  • Cosmo Grassybite

Famous Fairies

Here are some of our favorite famous fairies from literature, film, and folklore.

  • Tinker Bell – The feisty and spirited fairy from J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan” who helps Peter with his adventures in Neverland.
  • Puck – The mischievous fairy from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” who plays tricks on the humans in the play out of a sense of fun.
  • Titania – Also from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Titania is the queen of the fairies and has a major role in the play’s romantic entanglements.
  • The Blue Fairy – The benevolent fairy in Carlo Collodi’s “Pinocchio” who helps Pinocchio become a real boy.
  • Maleficent – The iconic fairy antagonist from Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty,” known for her imposing, imposing screen presence and dark powers.
  • Oberon – The other king of the fairies in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Oberon is married to Titania and is known for his cunning and trickery.
  • Thumbelina – The tiny protagonist of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, who is born from a flower and goes on a journey in search of true love.
  • Silvermist – One of the fairies from Disney’s “Tinker Bell” series, known for her calming influence and ability to control water.
  • Zarina – A fairy with the power to control pixie dust in the Disney film “The Pirate Fairy.”
  • Morgana – The evil fairy queen from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid II,” possessing the power to control the seven seas.

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