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This Tabaxi name generator creates excellent options for your D&D characters. The Tabaxi are a race of feline creatures that are named in a tribal fashion based on astrology, prophecies, and the clan’s history. These names also have a shortened version of the name that is used as a nickname.

To get ten random options, tap the generate button. Then tap the stars to save your favorite ones to a list.

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Good Tabaxi Names

  • Woolen Cap (Wool)
  • Gnashing Boar (Ash)
  • Drop in a Pond (Drop)
  • Emerald Leaf (Ember)
  • Ring of Moonstone (Moon)
  • Little Flower (Little)
  • Flickering Fire (Fire)
  • Golden Sunrise (Goldie)
  • Gold Buckle (Buckle)
  • Bush in the Forest (Forest)
  • Dew on the Grass (Dew)
  • Misty Rainfall (Misty)
  • Cinnamon Whisker (Cinnamon)
  • Windy Shore (Shore)
  • Rain in Summer (Rain)
  • Smooth as Silk (Silk)
  • Pippen Apple (Pippen)
  • Nine Bell (Bell)
  • Leaf on the Water (Leaf)
  • Secret Riddle (Riddle)
  • Quiet Eclipse (Clip)
  • Dust of Chalk (Dust)
  • Roar of a Bear (Roar)
  • Serpent’s Gaze (Gaze)
  • Tall Pike (Pike)
  • End of Winter (Winter)
  • Song of Paradise (Song)
  • Coursing River (River)
  • Spell of Rain (Spell)
  • Spark of Life (Spark)
  • Kite in the Wind (Kite)
  • Owl in the Morning (Owl)
  • Rhythm of Drums (Rhythm)
  • Amber Blaze (Blaze)
  • Star in the Morning (Star)
  • Sunshine at Night (Sunshine)
  • Hot as Fire (Fire)
  • Leaping Frog (Frog)
  • Fall of Water (Water)
  • Luck of the Draw (Luck)
  • Fluttering Butterfly (Flutter)
  • Smoking Mirror (Smoke)
  • Climbing Claws (Claws)
  • Screech of Bats (Bat)
  • Howling Mutt (Howl)
  • Guide of Life (Guide)
  • Shining Mace (Mace)
  • Rinaldo Angel Eyes
  • Ice in Summer (Ice)
  • Dawning Equinox (Nox)
Tabaxi with cloak and spear

Funny Tabaxi Names

  • Constant Purrs (Purr)
  • Cookie Hearth (Cookie)
  • Not an Underdog (Not)
  • Dirty Dances with Wolves (Dirty)
  • Fur of the Dark (Dark)
  • Runs with Scissors (Scissors)
  • Always Eats a Lot (Eats)
  • Brains of a Gnat (Gnat)
  • Flickering Fire Eyes (Flicker)
  • Constantly Talks (Talker)
  • Dances With Mice (Dance)
  • Sleeps Too Much (Sleeps)
  • Roars Like a Sheep (Sheep)
  • Only Nine Lives (Lives)
  • Falls Down Stairs (Falls)
  • Strength of a Mouse (Mouse)
  • Too Many Whiskers (Whiskers)
  • Fish Bait (Bait)

Tabaxi Clan Names

Tabaxi also have clan names that help differentiate where they belong. The clan names are based on the location of their clan (e.g., Raging Coast Clan or Crystal Lake Clan). Here are some example clan names:

  • Dark Tunnel Clan
  • Lowland Bush Clan
  • Crystal Lake Clan
  • Desert Cactus Clan
  • Roiling Magma Clan
  • Raining Glen Clan
  • Sandstone Rock Clan
  • Blustering Bay Clan
  • Frozen Sea Clan
  • Gorge Stone Clan
  • Towering Clif Clan
  • Thundering Basin Clan
  • Dragon Lair Clan
  • Foggy Lowland Clan
  • Crashing Sea Clan
  • Spring Warren Clan
  • Healing Spring Clan
  • Surf Swell Clan
  • Ashen Coast Clan
  • Forest End Clan
  • Valley Flower Clan
  • Old Oak Clan
  • Hazy Brine Clan
  • Calm Pasture Clan
  • Ghastly Trench Clan
  • Smoking Mountain Clan
  • Rolling Dune Clan
  • Fox Den Clan
  • Stone Forest Clan
  • Rushing Waterfall Clan
  • Busy Hive Clan
  • Clay Flat Clan
  • Gulf Wave Clan
  • Ivory Beach Clan
  • Remote Plateau Clan
  • Orphaned Berg Clan
  • Obsidian Sky Clan
  • Dark Hills Clan

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