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This werewolf name generator creates random options perfect for fiction writing, roleplaying, gaming, and more! Werewolves are ultimately just people who have been cursed to turn into a wolf, so their names typically are regular or gothic character names.

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How Do You Name a Werewolf?

The origins of the werewolf are unclear, but there are ancient stories about humans turning into wolves or a human-wolf hybrid. Since werewolves are just humans, they have human first and last names. Many of the stories come from European folklore, so selecting a gothic-style name is popular.

If you want your character to come from a particular region, you can also look at our people name generators, where you can pick a country of origin for your werewolf name.

Male Werewolf Names

With their primal strength and untamed spirit, werewolves demand masculine names as fierce as their lupine nature. This list of male werewolf names draws inspiration from mythology, literature, and film to provide the perfect moniker for your powerful lycanthropic character.

  • Isaac Potts
  • Cormac Bowman
  • Jefferson Leon
  • Humphrey Pearson
  • Rovell Gates
  • Rudolf Garrett
  • Rynders Horton
  • Zev Hudson
  • Roth Vinson
  • Luger Sykes
  • Kenyon Christensen
  • Bran Larsen
  • Bretton Anderson
  • Lupo Hendricks
  • Oscar Levine
  • Hugo Kidd
  • Roy Gaines
  • Jericho Shepherd
  • Solon Bridges
  • Oskar Cherry
  • Enzo Harrington
  • Raul Tanner
  • Horace Huffman
  • Mueller Barker
  • Ulbrecht Stone
  • Heller Spencer
  • Rodmin Morse
  • Ulmer Watkins
  • Ray Holloway
  • Merlyn Franco
  • Connery Fulton
  • Rudy McGee
  • Thrain Wiley
  • Connery Gilbert
  • Rusty Flynn
  • Ronnet Aguirre
  • Radolf Brewer
  • Quin Hodge
  • Kyle Houston
  • Odolf Shepard
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Female Werewolf Names

Combining grace, ferocity, and supernatural mystique, these female werewolf names encapsulate their dualistic essence. This list of female werewolf names aims to capture their wild, unbridled power balanced with feminine charm through options from folklore, fiction, and film.

  • Sorcha Gordon
  • Constance York
  • Wynne Franco
  • Hayley Glover
  • Betsy Blackburn
  • Daria Meyer
  • Jacqui Huffman
  • Earlene Wallace
  • Sage O’Donnell
  • Kira Tate
  • Frenita Cooper
  • Leah Dyer
  • Grivina Day
  • Jennifer Kidd
  • Grace Britt
  • Rufa Noble
  • Hayley Russell
  • Bree Knight
  • Gwyn Logan
  • Ember Clay
  • Colby Dillard
  • Minerva Nixon
  • Finnea Floyd
  • Jennete Huff
  • Agatha Dyer
  • Willow Ryan
  • Erylis Anthony
  • Rebekah Bush
  • Celina Burke
  • Tatiana Best
  • Aura Dawson
  • Celina Baker
  • Harley Curry
  • Amelia Finley
  • Wynona Summers
  • Adolfina Reed
  • Hellen Frazier
  • Bridget Hale
  • Amelia Blake
  • Abby Craig
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Tough Werewolf Names

With their imposing presence and supernatural strength, the most formidable werewolves need suitably tough, gritty names to match. This list of tough werewolf names pulls inspiration from the moon, nature, and mythology to provide impactful monikers for your most intimidating lycanthrope characters.

  • Vlad Carver
  • Midnight Dyer
  • Raedwulf Ward
  • Ulric Hart
  • La Rue Franks
  • Wolfgrim Carson
  • Gustav Bennett
  • Night Kent
  • Severa Gates
  • Hades Dale
  • Thomas Knox
  • Aster Kirby
  • Rhys Langley
  • Rocky Wallace
  • Blaez Church
  • Hyde Gamble
  • Morgaine Koch
  • Brice Noble
  • Lennix Williamson
  • Adawolfa Goff
  • Ember Lott
  • Blade McGee
  • Rudolf Kent
  • Mort Greene
  • Jericho Lindsey
  • Hartwell Harper
  • Ulrich Bond
  • Radcliffe Howe
  • Ulbrecht McCormick

Famous Werewolf Names

Werewolves have prowled through myths and movies for centuries, with certain infamous lycanthropes leaving their mark on pop culture’s imagination. This list compiles some of the most well-known werewolf names that conjure memories of these legendary shape-shifters’ harrowing tales and cinematic legacy.

  • Remus Lupin – Character in the Harry Potter series
  • Jacob Black – Werewolf from the Twilight series
  • David Kessler – Played by David Naughton in An American Werewolf in London
  • Larry Talbot – Main character in the 1941 film The Wolf Man
  • Scott Howard – Michael J. Fox’s character in Teen Wolf
  • Alcide Herveaux – Werewolf in the HBO series True Blood
  • Fenrir Greyback – Vicious werewolf who turned Remus Lupin in Harry Potter
  • Peter Stubbe – A real-life convicted werewolf burned at the stake in 1589
  • Gmork – Servant of the Nothing in the book The Neverending Story
  • Michael Corvin – Infected with lycanthropy in the Underworld films
  • Oz – Willow’s boyfriend who becomes a werewolf on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Joshua Utterson – Protagonist in the novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • George Sands – Lon Chaney Jr.’s character in the 1941 film The Wolf Man
  • Gabriel – Werewolf pack leader played by Rory Culkin in the movie Lords of Salem

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