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Metal Band Name Generator

This metal band name generator will create some excellent band names for any type of metal band that you need. Including black metal, death metal, and general heavy rock bands.

Click the generate button to get ten random name ideas for your metal band by combining various words that might work together, and then save your favorites by clicking the star.

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Cool Metal Band Names

  • Graveyard Angel
  • Holy Hatred
  • Storm Paradox
  • Eternal Chaos
  • Atomic Fiend
  • Lethal Apostle
  • Suicide Angel
  • Painful Dawn
  • Red Serpent
  • Burning Chaos
  • Destructive Damien
  • Blasphemous Ghost
  • Crimson Ghost
  • Morbid Scum
  • Metal Fist
  • Suicide Wraith
  • Diabolic Flames
  • Suffering Dawn
  • Grim Angel
  • Growing Revenge
  • Battleaxe Mummy
  • Unholy Funeral
  • Nuclear Knights
  • Everlasting Inferno
  • Golden Terror
  • Bleeding Angels
  • Unholy Hound
  • Morbid Machine
  • Viking Corpse
  • Infernal Oblivion
  • Viking God
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How do you come up with a metal band name?

1. Use a name generator

Using a name generator like the one on this site will help you get a sense of what type of names might be a good fit. You might even find the perfect name for your metal band.

2. Select a name that fits your music

If you’re playing death metal, you may want to select a name that is more aggressive sounding, but if you’re going to have some ballads in the mix, a name like “Morbid Dismembered” may not fit as well. A name on a flyer or website will give an immediate expectation of what type of music you might be playing.

3. Look at other bands’ song titles and lyrics

You might find some great ideas by scanning through other groups’ music on your favorite streaming service or using a site like Genius to browse lyrics. For example, Radiohead is named after a Talking Heads song, and Poison is named after a Kix song.

4. Use your own lyrics

If you’ve written some songs but haven’t decided on a band name yet, maybe you have some cool name options within those lyrics. Bands like Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Queensryche, and Slipknot all went this route.

How to know if you’ve got the right band name

Once you’ve got a list of name ideas you’ll want to say them out loud and see if they have the right feel for your music. You could pick something totally contrasting, but if you’re lucky enough to have a long career you may not be happy with it. You’ll also want to make sure there aren’t other bands using the name to avoid confusion.

Then run the name past your bandmates and friends and get their thoughts. While a name seems critical it’s not worth fighting over too much as it’s your music and relationship with your fans that matter most.

If you want a different variety of names check out our Wu-Tang name generator. These names could also make great band names.