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This Celtic name generator creates random names perfect for writing or roleplaying. It takes ancient Celtic names and some modern versions of these names to provide excellent unique options for character names.

To get ten random options, pick a gender and tap the generate button. Then tap the stars to save your favorites to a list.

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Male Celtic Names

Celtic names are a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a unique and meaningful name for a male character. This list gathers some of the most popular and powerful male Celtic names with deep history and significance.

  • Konnor O’Rowen
  • Cathal O’Mulledy
  • Keith O’Brien
  • Kylan O’Gara
  • Cathalán O’Davin
  • Laloecen MacEldowney
  • Braden Scullion
  • Lincoln MacKing
  • Keanan Sloanei
  • Cormacc O’Delany
  • Ronin Mulkerrin
  • Máel Sechlainn MacCallery
  • Odrán O’Henery
  • Ruy Ó Tuathail
  • Esca MacEnchroe
  • Alator MacQuilly
  • Gordon O’Heslin
  • Brendanus Keeney
  • Keyon Henry
  • Seisyll Buggy
  • Marv Mulrooney
  • Kevani O’Connell
  • Brenden Terry
  • Brenton Mac Coinín
  • Graham Dougherty
  • Quinn MacGeraghty
  • Ciarán O’Brolly
  • Donall Mulcahill
  • Dálach Kiely
  • Riacán O’Carney
  • Login MacCostigan
  • Kevin Meehan
  • Kenrich MacCarvill
  • Mellyn Kilroy
  • Cennétig Mulloy
  • Kevan O’Leary
  • Merlinn O’Bannon
  • Maeron MacDermot
  • Áedh O’Hanrahan
  • Glenwood O’Mulligan
  • Kely O’Mahony
  • Ninniau O’Quinn
  • Muiredach MacKeogh
  • Comgall Green
  • Gilligan Coogan
  • Declán Garvan
  • Bredon Connolly
  • Muirchertach O Melaghlin
  • Bryok Mac Cluin
  • Kemble Collins
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Female Celtic Names

Are you looking for enchanting and distinctive names for your female character? In this list of female Celtic names, we’ve compiled some of the most lovely and memorable Celtic names that celebrate the rich heritage and mythology of the Celtic culture.

  • Kyna O’Donegan
  • Kyna MacNamee
  • Katell Clarke
  • Mckenna O’Bergin
  • Kelli MacGowan
  • Damnat Mac Maolruanaidh
  • Sabrinna Magee
  • Kennedale Miller
  • Kandra Ó Maoldúin
  • Aife Cooley
  • Kennedi O’Kevane
  • Muirenn Foley
  • Bedelia MacCorcoran
  • Tristin MacCrory
  • Lynne Ó Scannláin
  • Íte MacCandless
  • Jeneva O’Heraghty
  • Rhienne Lawlor
  • Jennielee MacGovern
  • Gwladus Patton
  • Tege O’Cahan
  • Tristyn O’Naughton
  • Allie Conwell
  • Kaileigh MacMurtry
  • Cutha Rearden
  • Sadbh Mulholland
  • Alanis Ó Treasaigh
  • Gusty O’Halligan
  • Bronwen Mac Bradaigh
  • Taryn Henry
  • Riann Begley
  • Tarren Terry
  • Erna O’Darby
  • Shaunna O’Donoghue Mór
  • Dana O’Crehan
  • Kidada MacColgan
  • Bedelia Manning
  • Ennis O’Rabbit
  • Ragan Kean
  • Kelia O’Cosgrave
  • Kyleena MacColleary
  • Gilda O’Muldory
  • Kellesha O’Muldory
  • Abria Finnini
  • Kevina Hickey
  • Alanis Ó Tuathail
  • Kylyne O’Darcy
  • Ciarra O’Farrelly
  • Gwendolyn Miley
  • Ereni O’Dowd

Celtic History

Celtic culture holds a rich and storied past, steeped in the history, mythology, and traditions of various regions throughout Western Europe, including Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Brittany, to name a few.

Over the millennia, the Celts developed a unique and captivating linguistic tradition that included many distinctive and meaningful names. These names often reflected the natural world or derived from deities, mythical figures, heroes, and elements of their cultural narratives. As a result, Celtic names carry within them a wealth of significance, representing strength, wisdom, beauty, and honor, connecting the bearer to the timeless and illustrious Celtic heritage.

The enduring popularity and allure of these names resonate today and are used in similar forms to their ancient roots and modern translations.

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