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Pen Name Generator

This pen name generator will assist any writer in creating a nom de plume for their books, stories, or online persona. It uses common English names that tend to sound good together to provide helpful (but random) options.

To generate ten random names, select a gender and tap the button. Then hit the stars to save your favorites to a list.

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For even more name ideas, check out our complete list of people name generators. If you want a name from a specific nationality, you’ll find a ton of great options there.

Cool Pen Names

Here are some ideas from the generator that make cool names.

  • Clark Knight
  • Zaid Lynch
  • Kai Curry
  • Dash Jarvis
  • Trinity Summers
  • Alicia King
  • Patrick Bond
  • Ben Byrd
  • AJ Jacobs
  • Violet Meyers
  • Addie Cherry
  • Rhett Sharpe
  • Finn Buckley
  • Janie Johns
  • Dominic Townsend
  • Gigi Cherry
  • Juno Combs

Fancy Pen Names

These ideas have a certain regal sound to them.

  • Gabriella Adams
  • Yesenia Hampton
  • Addison Flores
  • Stanley Williamson
  • Sophie Wright
  • Alexander Dorsey
  • Michaela Ballard
  • Virgil Hampton
  • Gwendolyn Hutchinson
  • Beau Middleton
  • Royal Tate
  • Landon Chandler
  • Rosemarie Stanton
  • Ashton Frederick
  • Francisco Mann
  • Celia McConnell
  • Savannah Kent
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Famous Pen Names

Here’s a selection of the pen names of famous authors to give you some inspiration in selecting your own pseudonym.

  • Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
  • George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair)
  • Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson)
  • Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel)
  • J.K. Rowling (Joanne Rowling)
  • Charlotte Bronte (Currer Bell)
  • Voltaire (Francois-Marie Arouet)
  • Ayn Rand (Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum)
  • Virginia Woolf (Adeline Virginia Stephen)
  • Richard Bachman (Stephen King)
  • Stan Lee (Stanley Martin Lieber)
  • Agatha Christie (Mary Westmacott)
  • O. Henry (William Sydney Porter)
  • Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler)
  • George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans)
  • Anne Rice (Howard Allen Frances O’Brien)
  • Silence Dogood (Benjamin Franklin)
  • Maya Angelou (Marguerite Annie Johnson)

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