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Our cafe name generator creates random business naming ideas for a fantasy or real coffee shop. We’ve collected all the best names, ranging from punny to cool, so you’ll be sure to find a unique name for your company.

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Cute Cafe Names

  • Floral Coffee Bar
  • Cloud 9 Café
  • Mahalo Coffee
  • Early Bird Espresso Bar
  • Daily Grind Café
  • Cocoa Connection Café
  • Basecamp Coffee Bar
  • Ladybug Coffee Shop
  • Mother Hen Café
  • Finch Coffee
  • Morning Dew Coffee
  • Early Bird Coffee
  • Monarch Café
  • Bluebird Café
  • The Hearth Coffee
  • Aloha Coffeehouse
  • Good Day Coffee Bar
  • Perfect Pour Coffee
  • Sunlight Coffee Shop
  • Perks of Life Coffee
  • Friend-sip Coffee
  • Bountiful Blends Coffee
  • Common Grounds Café
  • Bella Brew Coffee
a cafe in the city at sunrise

Unique Cafe Names

  • Rev Coffee Shop
  • Burst Coffeehouse
  • Wild Grind Coffee Bar
  • Black Bison Café
  • Tranquility Coffee Shop
  • Terroir Coffee
  • Ambrosia Café
  • Varita Coffee Shop
  • Golden Geisha Coffeehouse
  • Magnolia Coffee Shop
  • Bean Bliss Coffee
  • Alchemy Coffeehouse
  • In & Out Café
  • Republic Café
  • Bluebird Café
  • Laughing Goat Café
  • Kamikaze Coffee
  • Pegasus Café
  • Red Wagon Coffee
  • Burly Barista Café
  • Caffeine Dreams Café
  • Noir Coffee Bar
  • Voltage Espresso Bar
  • Bad Barista Café

Funny Cafe Names

  • Cool Beans Coffee
  • Java Junkies Coffee
  • Bean There Espresso Bar
  • Bean Drinking Coffee Bar
  • Java Nice Day Coffee
  • Javawocky Coffee
  • Mug Shot Café
  • Wakey Wakey Café
  • Just Brew It Espresso Bar
  • Brew Ha Ha Coffee Shop
  • Just the Perks Coffee
  • Dripped Out Coffee
  • Deja Brew Coffee Shop
  • Sacred Grounds Coffee Bar
  • Daily Grind Coffee Shop
  • Angry Barista Coffee
  • How Brewed Café
  • Bean Me Up Coffee Shop
  • Java the Hut Coffee Bar
  • Brewed Awakening Coffee
  • Higher Grounds Coffee Shop
  • No Doze Espresso Bar

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