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Country Name Generator

This country name generator will provide names for any country, state, or region in a fictional world. It works great for writing, sci-fi, and role-playing.

Click the generate button to get ten random options, then click the star to save your favorite ideas. You can also add a prefix or suffix from the list below for even more variations.

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Ideas from the Country Name Generator

Here are some possible names for countries from the generator that we thought sounded good.

  • Malania
  • Maliwar
  • The Kingdom of Karawar
  • Rhonda
  • New Astan
  • Boroland
  • Jawar
  • Teldir
  • Toramos
  • Lanfal
  • Samovar
  • The Republic of Westenam
  • Aramin
  • Cradis
  • Samonda
  • Volorea
  • Telti
  • Jormos Islands
  • Karador
  • Saint Paradis
  • Tolma
  • Samograg Empire
  • Raldis
  • Drokea
  • Cataum
  • Xandax
  • Yaraval
  • West Torrestis
  • Freval
  • Republic of Malitian
map of a fantasy country

Optional Prefixes

Here are some ideas you might put at the start of your country name if you want to add some variety. Some real examples include New Zealand and South Korea.

  • Central
  • East
  • Eastern
  • Empire of
  • Isle of
  • Kingdom of
  • New
  • North
  • Northern
  • Republic of
  • Saint
  • San
  • South
  • Southern
  • United
  • The United States of
  • Upper
  • West
  • Western

Optional Suffixes

Similar to the prefixes above, you could add these to the end of any result from the generator. You might even find adding a prefix, and a suffix works well.

  • Confederacy
  • Empire
  • Islands
  • Kingdom
  • Republic
  • Union
  • United

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