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Garden Name Generator

Our garden name generator can help you unearth the perfect name for your garden, no matter if it’s real or fantasy. It creates a variety of names that work well for a garden escape, a story, or a fairy garden.

To get ten different options, tap the generate button. Then tap the stars to save your favorites to a list.

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Creative Garden Names

  • Bloomin’ Public Gardens
  • Emerald Garden
  • Oasis Public Gardens
  • Summertime Garden
  • Swan Private Gardens
  • Nature Nurtured Garden
  • Urban Gardening
  • Festive Flower Garden
  • Veggie Patch Public Garden
  • Top Shelf Gardens
  • Roseland Flower Garden
  • Paradise Gardens
  • Alpine Botanical Park
  • Flora Park Flower Garden
  • Green Glade Flower Garden
  • New Town Gardens
  • Sunshine Gardening
  • Green Muse Garden
  • Flower Girls Garden
  • Rainbow Garden
fairy fantasy garden with door

Fairy Garden Names

  • Dreamscape Botanical Park
  • Fairy Flower Garden
  • Infinite Conservatory
  • Angelic Gardens
  • Green Lady Garden
  • Bliss Garden
  • Enchanting Gardens
  • Gorgeous Green Garden
  • Eternal Sun Botanical Garden
  • Magic Gardens
  • Majestic Gardens
  • Elysian Gardening
  • Eternal Sun Gardening
  • Dreamscape Gardens
  • Seven Petals Flower Garden

Funny Garden Names

  • Wormhaven Public Garden
  • Seeds of My Success Botanical Park
  • Turnip the Volume Garden
  • Pretty in Petals Public Gardens
  • Never a Dill Moment Flower Garden
  • Petal to the Metal Garden
  • Hoe Down Garden
  • Soil Man Private Gardens
  • One More Thyme Gardening
  • Totally Radish Conservatory
  • A Bit Mulch Public Gardens
  • Peas and Quiet Public Gardens
  • Weed Whacker Garden
  • Oh, Grow Up Public Garden
  • Herb Your Enthusiasm Gardens
  • Trowel and Error Gardens
  • Talk Dirt To Me Flower Garden

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