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Golf Course Name Generator

This golf course name generator creates unique ideas for naming a country club, public course, or simulator course. It makes simple names by combining a random word with a landscape feature.

Keep clicking the generate button for ten new options, and then click the star to save your favorites to a list.

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These names are randomly generated so that you may end up with some real golf course names. You’ll want to check your area for courses with the same name if you’re using these for a business.

Suffixes for Golf Clubs

Here are some options for ending your golf course name (e.g., Fox Point Country Club).

  • CC
  • Club
  • Country Club
  • GC
  • Golf Club
  • Golf Course
  • Golf Resort
  • Links
  • Municipal Golf Course

Cool Golf Course Names

Here’s a list of cool name ideas from the generator.

  • Leprechaun Rock
  • Thunder Island
  • Forbidden Cove
  • Pronghorn Path
  • Mammoth Highlands
  • Fox Point
  • Renaissance Springs
  • Breezy Path
  • Champion Ridge
  • Royal Dunes
  • Rebel Dunes
  • Sunbird Isle
  • Phoenix Mountain
  • Forbidden Isle
  • Raven Highlands
  • Devil’s Creek
  • Tamarack Ridge
  • Crystal Cove
  • Scorpion Cove
  • Red Rock Quarry