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River Name Generator

This river name generator creates unique names for fiction writing, fantasy worlds, and more. It makes ten random names, five which are specifically rivers and five which may have other related names such as creek and run.

Click the generate button to get some ideas, and then click the stars to save your favorites to a list.

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20 Good River Names

Here are some of the favorite names for rivers from the generator.

  1. Devil’s River
  2. Yuma River
  3. Dundee River
  4. Shoregaze River
  5. Dead River
  6. Elko River
  7. Windy River
  8. Onotawa River
  9. Silver River
  10. Pride River
  11. Misty River
  12. Red River
  13. Diamond River
  14. Bridgewater River
  15. Iron River
  16. Hawk River
  17. Omai River
  18. Torry River
  19. Buffalo River
  20. Sunlight River

20 Other Options for Similar Bodies of Water

These names don’t explicitly use the word river, but might be an excellent alternative.

  1. Jagged Channel
  2. Millennium Run
  3. Axtell Run
  4. Leamouth Creek
  5. Hatfield Creek
  6. Faraway Tributary
  7. Rocky Creek
  8. Forbidden Stream
  9. Savatos Channel
  10. Solumn Channel
  11. Windsor Tributary
  12. Lonely Tributary
  13. Hillet Run
  14. Moonlit Stream
  15. Dunmer Canal
  16. Nimbus Channel
  17. Victoria Creek
  18. Westfall Run
  19. Westfall Channel
  20. Goose Creek

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