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Hacker Name Generator

This hacker name generator will help you create a unique name for fiction writing or if you need a screen name. There are two groupings of names: single names with leetspeak variations and first and last name combinations.

To generate ten random names, just click the button below and then click the stars to save your favorite ideas.

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Top Hacker Names

Here are some excellent name options from the hacker name generator.

  • Bliss Paradox
  • Panther (P4n7h3r)
  • Banks Obsidian
  • Cash Genesis
  • Zen (Z3n)
  • Proxy (Pr0xy)
  • Ice Vagabond
  • Quicksilver (Qu1ck51lv3r)
  • Kira Payload
  • Mouse (M0u53)
  • Jin Mayhem
  • Chance Oblivion
  • Vector (V3c70r)
  • Rocket (R0ck37)
  • Blade Stalker
  • Prophecy (Pr0ph3cy)
  • Zion (Z10n)
  • Asa Voxel
  • Prompt (Pr0mp7)
  • Omen Infinity
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Funny Hacker Names

  • Byte Bandit
  • Cyber Clown
  • Phishing for Compliments
  • Ctrl Alt Defeat
  • Hacky McHackface
  • CodeJester
  • Kernal Sanders
  • Firewall Faker
  • Glitch Goblin
  • Phishy Phreak
  • Script Kiddo
  • Virus Vandal
  • Phish Food
  • Malware Maven
  • Data Diver
  • Patchwork Punk
  • Phantom Phreaker
  • Binary Bandito
  • GUI Ghost
  • RAM Rogue
  • Code Crusader
  • Pixel Prowler
  • Bed Bug

Famous Hackers

  • Kevin Mitnick – the hacker who inspired the movie War Games
  • Anonymous – hacker collective with mission-oriented hacks
  • c0mrade – Jonathan James hacked into NASA’s network
  • soupnazi – Albert Gonzalez collected credit card numbers as part of ShadowCrew
  • Dark Dante – Kevin Poulsen hacked into federal systems and took wiretap information
  • Solo – Gary McKinnon accessed computers belonging to the US Armed Forces and NASA
  • The Mentor – Loyd Blankenship wrote Mentor’s Last Words, a hacker manifesto
  • Mendax – Julian Assage founded WikiLeaks, a leaks publishing group
  • Guiccifer 2.0 – Hacker or hacking group who leaked Democratic National Convention data
  • Mafiaboy – Michael Calce used university networks to disrupt some of the most significant websites, including Yahoo, Dell, eBay, CNN, and Amazon.
  • ASTRA – a hacker who took weapons technology from Dassault Group and sold it online