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Spaceship Name Generator

This spaceship name generator creates excellent names for ships from any galaxy! No matter whether you’re creating Star Wars ships or other sci-fi starships it’ll have some great suggestions.

Click the generate button to get ten random names, then click the stars to save your favorites.

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How These Names Are Created

These names are generated in three ways: words that sound like ship names (optionally adding ‘the’ at the start), these words prefixed with an abbreviation (see key below), or these words prefixed with a model or callsign (e.g. X-66 Repulse).

  • BC – Battlecruiser
  • BS – Battleship
  • CS – Cargo ship
  • HF – Heavy Frigate
  • HG – Heavy Gunner
  • HMS – Her Majesty’s Spaceship (like the old term used for ships)
  • HWSS – Heavy Weight Spaceship
  • HS – Heavy Ship
  • ISS – Imperial Spaceship
  • LD – Light Destroyer
  • LWSS – Light Weight Spaceship
  • SC – Spacecruiser
  • SS – Spaceship
  • STS – Space Transportation System
  • USS – United States Spaceship (the US can be replaced with your own country – e.g. CAS for Canada)

What Should I Name My Spaceship?

Here are some of our favorite spaceship name ideas.

  • STS Dragontooth
  • Delta Hammerhead
  • ISS Ravana
  • The Independence
  • X-18 Argonaut
  • The Relentless
  • Infinity Nexus
  • Eros Black Sparrow
  • SR-16 Spider
  • STS Kraken
  • Avadora
  • Galactic Saber
  • The Proximo
  • Interceptor

Star Wars Spaceships

Here are some of the most famous ships from Star Wars.

  • Millennium Falcon – Han Solo’s ship
  • Death Star – the empire’s battle station
  • Executor – Darth Vader’s flagship
  • Home One – Admiral Ackbar’s flagship
  • Imperial Star Destroyer – the empire’s assault ships
  • Slave I – Boba Fett’s ship
  • Tantive IV – Princess Leia’s ship
  • Solar Sailer – Dooku’s ship
  • Invisible Hand – General Grievous’s flagship
  • Scimitar – Darth Maul’s vessel
  • Ghost – Hera Siyndulla’s ship in Rebels

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