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Pickleball Team Name Generator

This Pickleball team name generator is the perfect way to find an awesome, unique name. In recent years, Pickleball has become all the rage and you’re probably finding yourself in a league ready to take on the competition, but you need a great name to sign up. Look no further!

Click the generate button to get ten random name ideas. The first five ideas are specific to Pickleball or team sports, while the next five are totally random word combinations. Click the stars to save your favorite options to a list.

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Funny Pickleball Team Names

If you want to have a laugh these funny and punny name ideas are a great choice. They range from hilarious to corny, but you’re sure to find something that makes you giggle.

  • Ace of Baseline
  • All About That Ace
  • Amazing Aces
  • Backhanded Compliments
  • Bennie and the Nets
  • Court Jesters
  • Court’s in Session
  • Dare Doubles
  • Deep Dinkers
  • Dill with It
  • Dinkasaurus Rex
  • Double Bubble
  • Double Dares
  • Double Dog Dares
  • Double the Fun
  • Double Trouble
  • Drop Shot Divas
  • Fault Loose
  • Fickle Pickles
  • Get a Grip
  • Hit and Run
  • I Dink I Love You
  • In a Pickle
  • Make a Dill
  • Match Makers
  • Match Points
  • Met Your Match
  • Mid-Court Crisis
  • Miss Hits
  • Missing Dinks
  • Net Prophets
  • Net Setters
  • No Fault of Mine
  • Not Our Fault
  • Nothin But Net
  • Only the Hits
  • Pablo Picklasso
  • Peoples Court
  • Pickle in the Middle
  • Picklechus
  • Royal Courts
  • Screw Balls
  • Serve Like It’s Hot
  • Serve Me a Double
  • Serve-Aces
  • Serves You Right
  • Service with a Smile
  • Servivors
  • Sets in the City
  • Shake, Rally, and Roll
  • Shutter to Dink
  • Simply Smashing
  • Spin Doctors
  • Steve Lobs
  • The Missing Dinks
  • The Pickadillies
  • The Real Dill
  • The Soft Serves
  • The Volley Llamas
  • Volleypops

Adult & Dirty Sounding Names

Here are some names that are a little more adult in nature, but still reasonably clean enough for a rec-league pickleball team.

  • Ace Kickers
  • Ace Kissers
  • Baby Got Backhand
  • Bad Aces
  • Casual Sets
  • Day Dinking
  • Designated Dinkers
  • Dinking Problems
  • Driven to Dink
  • Heavy Dinkers
  • Hit for Brains
  • I’d Hit That
  • Kinky Sets
  • Make it a Double
  • Shot Girls
  • The Responsible Dinkers
  • The Swingers
  • The Smart Aces

Cool Pickleball Team Names

Here are some cool-sounding team names that are sure to impress the competition.

  • Grip ‘n Rip
  • Protect and Serve
  • Team Claussen
  • Team Gedney
  • The Rallying Stones
  • Tip Your Server
  • You Got Served
  • The Midnight Princesses
  • Smells Like Team Spirit
  • The Erratic Aces
  • The Comeback Kids
  • The Super Humans
  • The Beer Snobs
  • Mean Girls
  • High Voltage
  • The Black Sheep
  • The Raptors
  • Dream Crushers
  • The Secret Agents
  • The Purple Ghosts

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