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Barbarian Name Generator

This barbarian name generator will create name options for male and female warriors. Barbarians typically work best with a tough-sounding short name, but this generator will create a variety of options.

Click the generate button to create ten random options, then save your favorites by clicking the stars.

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How to Name a Barbarian

Barbarians typically have a foreign-sounding gruff name that suits their raiding culture. Pick a name with sounds that work well together and fit the character you’re creating. Female names have a more feminine sound, but women in these cultures could be warriors as well and were indeed tough.

Barbarian Names

Here’s a selection of options we thought worked well from the generator.

  • Helfiend
  • Brudir
  • Earvok
  • Helvir
  • Kirdar
  • Grozog
  • Dravok
  • Xanzagg
  • Zorban
  • Jortir
  • Relga
  • Kelnor
  • Talnor
  • Crova