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Our Viking name generator creates thousands of options perfect for roleplaying, writing, gaming, and more. It combines the first and last names of the Viking people to create unique names.

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Male Viking Names

Delve into Norse mythology and Viking history with this list of male Viking names. From fierce warriors to noble leaders, these names will evoke the spirit of the Norsemen, immersing you in a world of valor, adventure, and legendary tales.

  • Thoraldr Iorundsson
  • Skjold Iarundsson
  • Bodalf Asmundsson
  • Skard Vekelsson
  • Orri Thiodolfsson
  • Hegg Orrinsson
  • Torsten Sigbrandsson
  • Biorn Styrsson
  • Isleif Geitirsson
  • Alvi Brusisson
  • Gunnleif Halvdansson
  • Manni Koigrimsson
  • Ulfar Vesteinsson
  • Vebjorn Sinfiotlisson
  • Arni Sigeweardsson
  • Thjostolf Steinolfsson
  • Beinir Sigenothsson
  • Gunnar Liutsson
  • Thorleif Alfarinsson
  • Vebjorn Styrkarsson
  • Ingimar Tostisson
  • Osvald Skjaldulfsson
  • Sigehelm Sigvaldisson
  • Tofi Borksson
  • Orn Isleifsson
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Female Viking Names

Embrace the strength, independence, and fierce spirit of the shieldmaidens with this captivating list of female Viking names. From warriors to wise women, these names exude a sense of empowerment and honor, transporting you to the legendary world of Viking history and mythology.

  • Sigrunn Hakonsson
  • Dalla Thorodsson
  • Bera Varsson
  • Gyda Svartbrandsson
  • Ingrid Mannisson
  • Grima Hafrsson
  • Arnkatla Abisson
  • Runa Serksson
  • Thorgunna Hrodisson
  • Asta Skialgsson
  • Luta Bardisson
  • Ingirid Hriflasson
  • Hallfrid Grindsson
  • Audhild Karsson
  • Ingirun Alfgeirsson
  • Tonna Bjorgolfsson
  • Gerd Ulfgrimsson
  • Freygerd Vogsson
  • Katla Suitsson
  • Asgerd Gudrodsson
  • Bera Grimkelsson
  • Dalla Ingvarsson
  • Estrid Bodalfsson
  • Raghild Dunfjallsson
  • Thurid Skialgsson

Tough Viking Names

These tough Viking names evoke strength, resilience, and a warrior spirit that will transport you to the fierce and legendary realm of Viking warriors and adventurers.

  • Vikar Thorgilsson
  • Askel Thorormsson
  • Skuli Wengosson
  • Skarf Thoroddsson
  • Thorfinn Gavtvidsson
  • Grim Skuldsson
  • Eyjolf Skidisson
  • Klakkr Skeggsson
  • Skarf Valisson
  • Thor Skorrisson
  • Styrkar Skamkelsson
  • Gauk Sigurdsson
  • Skuld Asmundsson
  • Stein Thjodoflsson
  • Ragna Gillisson
  • Siv Koigrimsson
  • Toki Hjorsson
  • Gorm Bollisson
  • Ivar Sigvatsson
  • Jokul Alfarinsson
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Famous Vikings

These famous Vikings represent the rich history and adventurous spirit of the Norse people, who were renowned for their seafaring skills, exploration, and daring exploits during the Viking Age.

  1. Ragnar Lothbrok – A semi-legendary Viking hero and king known for his raids, exploration, and leadership, featured in the TV series “Vikings.”
  2. Erik the Red – A Norse explorer who founded the first Norse settlement in Greenland and father of the famous Viking explorer Leif Erikson.
  3. Leif Erikson – A Norse explorer believed to be the first European to reach North America, establishing temporary settlements in present-day Canada.
  4. Harald Hardrada – The King of Norway during the 11th century, renowned for his military exploits, including his failed invasion of England in 1066.
  5. Ivar the Boneless – A Viking leader and warrior famous for his tactical brilliance and role in the Great Heathen Army’s campaigns in England.
  6. Lagertha – A legendary shieldmaiden and warrior, depicted in Norse sagas and featured prominently in the TV series “Vikings.”
  7. Bjorn Ironside – The son of Ragnar Lothbrok, a prominent Viking leader and warrior who led his own expeditions and raids.
  8. Freydis Eiriksdottir – A Norse woman who participated in Viking voyages and explorations, known for her fierce independence and determination.
  9. Thorfinn Karlsefni – A Norse explorer who ventured to North America, possibly establishing a short-lived Viking settlement in Vinland.
  10. Gunnar Hámundarson – A legendary Viking warrior and poet known for his tragic fate as depicted in the Icelandic sagas.

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