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Pirate Name Generator

This pirate name generator creates random names for traditional pirate characters. These names include both full names and nicknames with surnames. They’re excellent for fiction writing, gaming, and roleplaying.

To get ten random ideas, select a gender and click the generate button. Tap the stars to save your favorites.

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Male Pirate Names

Lead your pirate crew with one of these excellent name ideas from the generator.

  • Buckley Withers
  • Crazy Eyes Joshua
  • Hawthorne Holton
  • Crazy Cooper
  • Alden Theodore
  • Warwick Spooner
  • Tricky Keetes
  • Marston Copeland
  • Gray Beard Sykes
  • Rutledge Morris
  • Brent Marlowe
  • Sully Weiss
  • Cranford Smith
  • One Eye Stanford
  • Evil Grin Whiteley
  • Everton Beckwith
  • Slater Paine
  • Wellington Braxton
  • Grim Hornsby
  • Delton Dudley
  • Keen Blakemore
  • Stockton Gale
  • Trent Hampton
  • Spike Dryden
  • Butcher Morton
  • Buxton Thornton
  • The Dog Stanford
  • Kipp Blankley
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Female Pirate Names

Here are some good names for a female pirate taking charge on the high seas.

  • Aletha Tattersall
  • Marjory Digby
  • Allene Merton
  • Sophie Raven
  • Elnora Bing
  • Norma Keetes
  • Jewell Goodwin
  • Maybelle Paine
  • Lottie Spalding
  • Pauline Booth
  • Hannah Gotham
  • Flo Voss
  • Erika Colton
  • Josie Hayden
  • Inga Drakkar
  • Amelia Fisk
  • Shirley Drake
  • Scurvy Hayward
  • Coral Kaiser
  • Mariah Crowley
  • Sophie Springfield
  • Evalyn Loki
  • Harley Ward
  • Clarissa Nightshade
  • Rita Thorne
  • Mazie Omen
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Cool Pirate Names

These cool names are perfect for a fearsome pirate.

  • Graves Sutton
  • Lord Hades
  • Rage Stonebridge
  • Fern Wolf
  • Blackwell Noire
  • Snake Reeves
  • Tennant Law
  • Penn Dred
  • Blackburn Tempest
  • Stormy Payne
  • Kendrick Blade
  • Studs Southey
  • Faye Obsidian
  • Blanche Blade
  • Mad-Eye Murray
  • Black Eyes Colton
  • Howler Nightwind
  • Carver Draven
  • Huntley Starbeeze
  • Renegade Smyth
  • Executioner Graeme
  • Draper Stonebridge
  • Striker Penney

Funny Pirate Names

You might want to use one of these funny pirate names for your next gaming adventure.

  • Captain Jack Daniels
  • Peggy Legg
  • Admiral Anchovy
  • Captain Red Baron
  • Davey Jones
  • Captain Horatio Hornblower
  • Madam Buccaneer
  • Sir Loot Salot
  • Swash Buckler
  • Captain Barnacle Jim
  • Admiral Scurvy Dog
  • Captain Hornswaggle
  • Mary Read-A-Lot
  • Rainbow Beard
  • Captain Blimey
  • Admiral Aye Aye
  • Captain Black Flag
  • Captain Cannonball
  • Davy Wave Jones
  • Capt’n Crunch
  • Peg Leg Peg
  • Captain Grogg
  • Patches O’Houlihan
blackbeard pirate illustration

Famous Pirate Names

Here are some famous pirates from history, movies, games, and literature. You can use these ideas to help inspire your perfect pirate name.

  • Blackbeard (Edward Teach) – One of the most infamous pirates and captain of the pirate ship Queen Ann’s Revenge. He cultivated a terrifying image with his black beard and lit fuses in his hair.
  • Anne Bonny – A brutal, hot-tempered female pirate who dressed as a man. She sailed with Calico Jack.
  • Calico Jack (John Rackham) – Known for his flamboyant calico clothes. He captained the ship Anne Bonny sailed on.
  • Bartholomew Roberts – Also known as Black Bart. He was a successful pirate who plundered over 400 ships.
  • Henry Morgan – A privateer turned pirate adept at navigating island waters. He later became Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica.
  • Captain Kidd – A Scottish sailor who turned to piracy and buried treasure on Long Island. He was later executed for piracy.
  • Black Caesar – A feared pirate of African descent who prowled Florida’s coastlines, raiding passing ships.
  • Ching Shih – A brilliant Chinese pirate queen who commanded over 1,500 ships and 80,000 pirates. She later negotiated amnesty with China.
  • Sir Francis Drake – Called El Draque by the Spanish. He was a privateer given free rein by England to plunder Spanish ships and towns.
  • Edward Low – A notoriously savage pirate known for torturing his victims. He captured over 100 ships in his career.
  • Captain Jack Sparrow – The eccentric but clever pirate protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies played by Johnny Depp.
  • Long John Silver – The ship’s cook and pirate ringleader in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.
  • Captain Hook – The villainous pirate captain who opposes Peter Pan in J.M. Barrie’s play and novel Peter and Wendy.
  • Pegleg Pete – A pirate character who is a longtime enemy of Mickey Mouse in Disney cartoons and comics.
  • Captain Pugwash – The bumbling but good-hearted pirate captain from the British children’s comic and TV series.
  • Guybrush Threepwood – The hapless yet lovable pirate protagonist of the Monkey Island video game series.
  • Captain Hector Barbossa – Jack Sparrow’s mutinous former first mate in Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Captain Clegg – A pirate captain revealed to be a town mayor in the Peter Cushing horror film Captain Clegg.
  • Madame Minuit – A ruthless lady pirate captain in The Pirates! book and movie series.
  • Captain Shakespeare – A pirate who poses as an eccentric theatre owner in the movie Stardust.

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