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Giant Name Generator

This giant name generator will create random names that work well for any type of giant, cyclops, and more. This tool is designed to create compelling and appropriate names for your colossal characters, whether for storytelling, role-playing games, or any creative endeavor that calls for larger-than-life personas.

Simply click the generate button to get ten names, and then click the stars to save your favorite names.

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Giant Name Ideas

  • Clifbog
  • Brobar
  • Ulkaros
  • Zlobos
  • Ulvar
  • Belver
  • Airdhor
  • Vogog
  • Vogsor
  • Alagi
  • Aragar
  • Voltor
  • Korym
  • Issor
  • Doklith
  • Velvog
  • Alos
  • Tibgan
  • Vludsius
  • Grabarg
  • Bretheus
  • Werrion
  • Funas
  • Warwar
  • Dedhor
  • Warbarg
  • Wervar
  • Ugtag
  • Jorziar
  • Wazbar
  • Dokom
  • Xusder
  • Dever
  • Clanbrog
  • Sekziar
  • Waznar
  • Sagtheus
  • Kovog
  • Clandor
  • Breziar
  • Neltius
  • Hetbrog
  • Arabar
  • Trobar
  • Klamom
  • Eder
  • Trukrus
  • Troam
  • Bellog
  • Vludnus
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Types of Giants

You can use the above names for any type of giant. However, you may find some fit better based on the sound of the name.

Fire Giants

These giants are extremely tall with dark skin and orange or red hair. They earn their name because they live in hot areas, including volcanic caves. They’re often blacksmiths or work in other crafts trades.

Frost Giants

Frost giants typically have white or bluish skin with white or yellow hair. They live in cold, mountainous locations and are invulnerable to the chilling effects. Their clan history resembles the Vikings, as often do their names.

Hill Giants

Hill giants are shorter, stocky giants with immense strength. They can pluck and lob large boulders with ease. They’re also known for their insatiable appetite.

Storm Giants

Storm giants come from a variety of locations, typically at high altitudes (on a floating island) or beneath the depths of the ocean. They control the powers of storms, such as throwing lightning bolts.

Stone Giants

These giants typically live in caves underground. They are gifted artists and often reclusive.

Cloud Giants

The cloud giants live high within mountain peaks. Their lofty heights match their opinion of themselves and as such, they adorn themselves with fine clothing and jewels.

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