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Hobbit Name Generator

This hobbit name generator will create ten random names that work great for hobbits, halflings, or similar creatures. It works for the Lord of the Rings universe, Dungeons & Dragons, and other fiction.

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About the Names

Hobbits can have a variety of human-sounding first names, both normal names and old-fashioned sounding names. For their last names, Tolkien’s books use a very specific set of family names, which often have a geological or descriptive combination of words. Other names have no particular meaning.

You can review a list of hobbit family names from Lord of the Rings on fandom.

We’ve pulled some example name ideas from the generator for male and female hobbits to give you some ideas to get started.

Male Hobbit Names

  • Lotho Dewfoot
  • Otto Hornwood
  • Roderic Undertree
  • Griffon Longbottom
  • Cotman Thornburrow
  • Everard Gammidge
  • Gruffo Tinyfoot
  • Falco Burrow
  • Tobias Smallburrow
  • Theodoric Leafwalker
  • Hildigard Diggle
  • Drogon Townsend
  • Baldrick Twofoot
  • Farabert Fairfoot
  • Robur Heathertoes
  • Magnus Roper
  • Orgulas Gamgee
  • Jago Harfoot
  • Hal Rumblebelly
  • Will Whithand
a hobbit outside of its hill house

Female Hobbit Names

  • Belinda Brownlock
  • Mary Boulderhill
  • May Cutton
  • Angelica Bilberry
  • Rosa Oldbuck
  • Jasmine Fairfoot
  • Mackenzie Hedgehopper
  • Adaldrida Goodchild
  • Peony Stumbletoe
  • Tabitha Headstrong
  • Hatilde Rumble
  • Laura Dewfoot
  • Esmee Hopesinger
  • Marigold the Greenhanded
  • Brunhild Wanderfoot
  • Scarlet Berry
  • Rhoda Fairfoot
  • Darby Hogg
  • Nina Gluttonbelly
  • Stephanie Proudmead

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