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Orc Name Generator

This Orc name generator will generate ten random male or female names that work well for D&D or other fantasy writing or gaming. It generates both first and last name combinations and first name and titles (e.g., The Rotten). You can mix and match these to best suit your needs.

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More About Orc Names

Orcs are humanoid creatures typically with green skin, muscular bodies, and tusks. Their names reflect their brutal nature and usually have guttural sounds. The creatures were brought to prominence in J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings, including the Lord of the Rings, and then used in other fantasy works, including Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft, and Elder Scrolls.

When choosing your Orc name, you can use just the first name, a first and last name, or a first name and a title. These titles typically signify something about the Orc related to its appearance, personality, or accomplishments.

Male Orc Names

Here is a list of cool male orc names created by the generator.

  • Ignorg Spine Axe
  • Agronak The Dark
  • Gurak The Cruel
  • Kurdan The Bitter
  • Narod The Brute
  • Thrak Atumduk
  • Artok The Violent
  • Gorgo The Loyal
  • Slaghig The Proud
  • Narod The Noxious
  • Jughog The Hollow
  • Brogg The Barbarian
  • Gurak Kasharz
  • Qog The Colossal
  • Gordol Muggham
  • Yolmar The Ugly
  • Radrok Bonkndar
  • Ogg Olorzol
  • Ronk Garor
  • Uram Murgbug
  • Rukk Yarzdush
  • Slog The Gargantuan
  • Artok Sharurz
  • Mogg Death Clobberer
  • Grisha Shubag
  • Kebub Goluk
  • Sornaraugh The Putrid
  • Xarlug The Ancient
  • Kurdan Gasg
  • Skak The Disfigured
  • Dharg Arm Slicer
  • Kogan Hate Saber
  • Xaguk The Crazy
  • Shakk The Dark
  • Blorg Mashdush
  • Udrok Durgor
  • Nahgigoth Toe Slicer
  • Boghat The Cold
  • Gnorl Shulzuf
  • Grug Loghrol
  • Akoth Ushar
  • Ughash The Swift
  • Holkurg Knee Chopper
  • Bogrum Bone Clobberer
  • Farfu Dulafish
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Female Orc Names

Here are some good female orc names from the name generator.

  • Garla Ulfbag
  • Borzul The Fierce
  • Shegol The Giant
  • Narmbug Havoc Bringer
  • Mogdur Mashdush
  • Bagrb Spite Saber
  • Oshug The Rotten
  • Gharza Foul Stomp
  • Shegol The Unsightly
  • Durg Bagok
  • Lasht The Mighty
  • Bugba Gashrzog
  • Rhek Ruskub
  • Morgar Ugrumub
  • Garla Glorag
  • Snaur Shumbak
  • Umzu Gorbak
  • Atuza Shugrolg
  • Durgrob Gorbak
  • Zelli Elf Slayer
  • Ugorak Borth
  • Ugath The Giant
  • Rulub The Grave
  • Duraak The Vengeful
  • Bulga Lurnbug
  • Nol The Sneak
  • Mazul The Grand
  • Bansi The Glorious
  • Bagroga The Bloody
  • Orgat The Enraged

Orc Last Names

Here are a handful of examples of possible suffixes for your Orc. You can use these as a guide to creating your own.

  • The Stubborn
  • The Sneak
  • Rib Destroyer
  • Bone Sword
  • The Barbarian
  • Dream Queller
  • The Colossal
  • The Lost
  • The Giant
  • The Unclean
  • Toe Slicer
  • Dark Slaughter

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