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Pegasus Name Generator

This pegasus name generator will provide you with random greek names that are perfect for this majestic creature.

Simply click the generate button to get ten names for either males or females. Then click the star to save your favorite names.

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What is a Pegasus?

Pegasus is a winged horse from Greek mythology. It’s typically white and has a divine origin. In ancient mythology, Pegasus was the offspring of Medusa, but in Classical mythology, it is the offspring of Poseidon.

Where do the names come from?

As a creature of Greek origin, we’ve selected a number of Greek names for our pegasus name generator. These include Greek-sounding names, names of Greek gods and goddesses, Greek locations, and other names from history.

What are some good Pegasus Names?

Some of our favorite Pegasus names include:

  • Anastasia – reborn
  • Antonis – priceless
  • Apollo – Olympian deities
  • Athens – Greek capital
  • Athena – goddess of wisdom, craft, and war
  • Calliope – beautiful voice
  • Clio – the muse of history
  • Daphne – laurel
  • Delphi – ancient city
  • Eirene – peace
  • Eros – god of love
  • Helios – god of the sun
  • Nike – goddess of victory
  • Phoebe – goddess of intellect
  • Sparta – Greek city-state
  • Spiros – spirit
  • Triton – messenger of the sea
  • Vasilis – king
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More Names

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