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God Name Generator

This god name generator will give you great ideas for naming any god or goddess. It suggests a name and a category over which they preside (such as war, love, or the sea). You can also drop these categories if you only want a name.

For ten random options, click the generate button. Then click the stars to save your favorites.

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Top God Names

Here are some of our favorite options from the god name generator!

  • Mortend, God of Revenge
  • Kronus, God of Battle
  • Khorzi, God of Spirits
  • Athor, God of Tranquility
  • Taurus, God of Riddles
  • Mavros, God of Logic
  • Taurus, God of the Galaxy
  • Vion, God of Hunting
  • Xanbis, God of Ice
  • Awor, God of Truth
  • Zodvir, God of the Heavens
  • Kovar, God of the World of the Dead
  • Kirstro, God of Time
  • Ethor, God of Freedom
  • Trov, God of Envy
  • Voth, God of Blacksmiths
  • Kaanos, God of Wine
  • Acaros, God of Chaos
  • Vion, God of Poetry
  • Grazagg, God of the World of the Dead
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Top Goddess Names

This list includes some of our favorite goddess names.

  • Adir, Goddess of Glory
  • Trorix, Goddess of the Wind
  • Trov, Goddess of Fire
  • Xanca, Goddess of Duty
  • Keona, Goddess of Spirits
  • Airos, Goddess of Vengeance
  • Lichi, Goddess of the Underworld
  • Kyra, Goddess of Medicine
  • Vivia, Goddess of Pleasure
  • Krushka, Goddess of the Galaxy
  • Dalis, Goddess of Hope
  • Deas, Goddess of War
  • Arielle, Goddess of Youth
  • Nara, Goddess of Marriage
  • Xenia, Goddess of Spring
  • Zenlith, Goddess of Knowledge
  • Andis, Goddess of Fate
  • Mira, Goddess of Miracles
  • Laka, Goddess of Strength
  • Kishi, Goddess of Tricks
  • Mara, Goddess of Secrecy

Real God Names

Here are some real god names from the present and history to help inspire your name.

  • Osiris – Egyptian god of fertility, agriculture, life, and the dead
  • Sedna – Intuit goddess of the sea
  • Oshun – African river diety
  • Mars – The Roman god of war
  • Zeus – the Greek sky and thunder god, king of the gods
  • Diana – the Roman goddess of hunters and the moon
  • Ganesha – Indian god of new beginnings
  • Odin – primary god of Norse mythology
  • Lord Shiva – Indian god of death

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