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Are you writing a story, roleplaying, or gaming and looking for a demon name? Look no further than a demon name generator! In this article, we’ll explore the chilling world of demons and introduce you to some of the most gripping and devilish demon names out there.

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Top Demon Names

Here are some great ideas for demon names to help get you started on your naming quest.

  • Balis’mal
  • Vozodun
  • Mahlozaob
  • Sarroxan
  • Tirroth
  • Immolith
  • Dazomar
  • Rygel
  • The Malgoth
  • Agthod
  • Ozomuth
  • Zolgos
  • Rekan
  • Zul’gozor
  • Trozradan
  • Zengraneth
  • Zugodath
  • Gorna
  • Drarkakoth
  • Zergalluun
  • Riip
  • Ror’gamun
  • Balor
  • Zezzeg
  • Balgog
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Female Demon Names

While our generator contains names that can be unisex, these female demon names have a specific sound that lends some femininity to them.

  • Sabreseirvas
  • Aimnia
  • Sonbe’tila
  • Roiaja
  • Raina
  • Asima
  • Osera
  • Cerba
  • Eros
  • Torha
  • Acneb
  • Bi’ca
  • Olessias
  • Mola
  • Likas
  • Alkilith
  • Ahaag-be
  • Lamrit
  • Seznalta
  • The Queen of Chaos
  • Agthelak
  • Gorna
  • Le
  • Seeva
  • Pasraresca

Famous Demon Names

Demons have a rich history throughout ancient religions, texts, mythology, and, more recently, in games like Dungeons & Dragons, Doom, and Diablo. Here are some famous demon names:

  1. Lucifer – Also known as the “Morning Star” or “Light Bearer,” Lucifer is the most well-known demon of all, often associated with the embodiment of evil in Christian belief.
  2. Pazuzu – A Mesopotamian demon that legend says can bring pestilence and famine, made famous by the horror film “The Exorcist.”
  3. Aamon – In demonology, Aamon is known as a prince of hell and symbolizes spreading knowledge and secrets.
  4. Belphegor – A demon said to inspire sloth and idleness, Belphegor famously appears as a sidhe in the anime series “Blue Exorcist.”
  5. Asmodeus – Often deemed the demon of lust in Judaic folklore and early Christianity, Asmodeus is also known as one of the seven princes of hell in demonology.
  6. Azazel – An evil spirit, demon, or fallen angel mentioned in various religious texts such as the Koran, Azazel is known for his association with depravity and rebellion.
  7. Abaddon – In Greek mythology, Abaddon is known as the “Destroyer” and is often referenced in relation to the apocalypse and the concept of utter destruction.
  8. Lilith – In Jewish mythology, Lilith was the first wife of Adam, who refused to be subservient to him and instead left the Garden of Eden to be with the demon king Samael.
  9. Mammon – Known as the demon of greed, Mammon is often depicted as a figure associated with wealth and riches in art and literature.
  10. Leviathan – In demonology and the Bible, Leviathan is often portrayed as a sea monster associated with pride and chaos.

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