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Our Tiefling name generator will create random names perfect for Dungeons and Dragons characters (or other role-playing games) who made a deal with a demon or fiend and had their appearance permanently altered.

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How to Name a Tiefling

Tieflings in Dungeons & Dragons typically have exotic and sinister-sounding names that reflect their infernal origins. Unlike most races, Tieflings have several name variations that you can choose from.

You could choose:

  • a single name
  • a first name combined with a surname
  • or a virtue name

Some Tieflings adopt a virtue name that is coupled with their identity and embodies a virtue they seek to achieve or currently have, such as courage, desire, or sorrow. The darkly mystical aesthetic of Tiefling names makes them stand out in any D&D world full of adventurers.

tiefling standing on the rocks near crashing waves

Male Tiefling Names

  • Mavemon Skaus
  • Doubt
  • Rarish Marago
  • Agerd Dungarth
  • Usiath Wilxes
  • Nota Solibone
  • Vasios Fadn
  • Aranros Borris
  • Sevri Lircas
  • Guakos Vanonas
  • Sonster Seratolva
  • Mukis Fomec
  • Hotaldron Ingonro
  • Thythor Tonstesrir
  • Carthos Savrus
  • Hoggemon Helet
  • Arkrut
  • Gueira Zatis
  • Vidrath
  • Salthus Helva
  • Muvar Dotedio
  • Extreme
  • Denrak
  • Gloom
  • Damus Vadu
  • Casmong Urzer

Female Tiefling Names

  • Velrissa Iorvus
  • Orimaia
  • Mayhem
  • Shagrea Sacoldrok
  • Manarei Donoghan
  • Wit
  • Rozala Arkilius
  • Ommata Caskajaro
  • Manarei Aklech
  • Maza Bomenstu
  • Shatari Ornor
  • Mabis Medirdri
  • Levtari Kicra
  • Ecstasy
  • Madaake Danamark
  • Nenova Vetio
  • Devkis Kiornir
  • Natspira Moonridge
  • Levtari Bendror
  • Passion
  • Lardriffas Cascis
  • Rorissa Sedlak
  • Naxori
  • Zalyvia Kartemu
  • Shagrea Wintermere
Tiefling woman reading

Tiefling Last Names

  • Amulun
  • Bram
  • Dimras
  • Gandar
  • Iorvus
  • Kregro
  • Ornor
  • Pimra
  • Rarnok
  • Shialdreth
  • Skaus
  • Taran
  • Vadnon
  • Vasrur
  • Zatis
  • Zordae

Tiefling Virtue Names

Here are some examples of virtue names you could use for your Tiefling character.

  • Courage
  • Cunning
  • Desire
  • Gloom
  • Gluttony
  • Lust
  • Passion
  • Piety
  • Redemption
  • Sly
  • Trickery
  • Vice
  • Woe

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