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Centaur Name Generator

This centaur name generator will create Greek names that are perfect for these fantasy creatures. In addition, they work great for your next fantasy writing or gaming adventure.

To get started, click the generate button for ten random names and then click the stars to save your favorite ideas.

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How to Name a Centaur

Centaurs have a Greek-sounding name which can be complex or short. Depending on the purpose, you can include a surname, which is often a combination of two descriptive words, such as Riverheart or Starblade.

Centaur Names

Here are some example names for both males and females.

  • Diatria Ironmane
  • Koros Plainwhisperer
  • Carril Brookrunner
  • Kosteas Stormblesser
  • Titan Birchseeker
  • Anemona Riverborne
  • Kyrria Falldreamer
  • Talises Summershield
  • Hilath Starbraid
  • Penelope Hailfighter
  • Lorgos Ironspell
  • Larina Elmdancer
  • Kefalonia Rivermarch
  • Ildar Winterguard
  • Anastasia Raintail
  • Eleania Hollowrunner
  • Herakon Mountainbark
  • Actasio Oakencharmer
  • Lyra Icehunter
  • Eleni Winterpass