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Beer Name Generator

If you’re working on brewing a fresh batch of beer and need a name, look no further than our beer name generator. It creates two-word descriptive names that can be applied to any beer.

To generate a name, simply click the button. The ideas are randomly generated, so they won’t all be winners, but when you find a suggestion you love, just hit the star to save it to your list.

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Feel free to use any of these names however you’d like. We don’t check them for any copyright, so if you’re going to use them professionally, you may need to do a separate check.

Best Beer Names

Here are some of our favorite ideas for beer names:

  • Fluffy Drip
  • Heady Hug
  • Creeping Zombie
  • Divine Dream
  • Junkyard Pirate
  • Stormy Visions
  • Heady Monkey
  • Fruity Flex
  • Dank Vibe
  • Thirsty Ego
  • Fluffy Ghost
  • Wild Nugs
  • Tasty Trip
  • Galactic Hug
  • Juice Monkey
  • Juice Ninja
  • Voodoo Visions
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Funny Beer Names

  • Glitter Nightmare
  • Grumpy Jesus
  • Smooth Chaos
  • Chocolate Elvis
  • Juice Goals
  • Sweet Slap
  • Crypto Wizard
  • Juicy Tart
  • Mid-West Vibe
  • Evil Experiment
  • Garage Sale Twerk
  • Emo Ghost
  • Selfish Sunday
  • Glitter Buddha
  • Everlasting Mullet

Real Beers for Inspiration

Here are some of our favorite real beer names if you need some more inspiration when coming up with the perfect name for your brew.

  • Exponential Hoppiness – Alpine Beer Company
  • La Fin Du Monde – (The end of the world) Unibroue
  • Wake-n-Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout – Terrapin Beer Company
  • Blushing Monk – Founders Brewing Company
  • Gumballhead – 3 Floyds Brewing Company
  • The Devil Made Me Do It! – Tyranea Brewing Company
  • Old Numbskull – AleSmith Brewing Company
  • Tactical Nuclear Penguin – BrewDog
  • Pathological Lager – Dock Street Brewing Co
  • Polygamy Porter – Wasatch Brewery
  • Hoptimus Prime – Ruckus Brewing Co
  • Hauling Oats – Tenya Creek Brewery
  • Stupid Sexy Flanders – Sun King Brewery
  • Kilt Lifter – Moylan’s Brewery
  • Trade Bait – Burgeon Beer Company
  • Hellaboozie – 3 Floyds Brewing Co
  • Smooth Hoperator – Stoudts Brewing Company
  • Moose Drool – Big Sky Brewing Co.
  • Festivus – Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery
  • Dolla Dolla Pilz – Four Quarters Brewing
  • Fraggle Bock – Portsmouth Brewery
  • Duck Duck Gooze – The Lost Abbey
  • Dead Guy Ale – Rogue Ales
  • Morning Wood – Funky Buddha Brewery
  • Sweet Child of Vine – Fulton Brewing
  • Dinner – Maine Beer Company
  • Pure Hoppiness – Alpine Beer Company

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