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Bar Name Generator

This bar name generator is perfect for bars, taverns, pubs, lounges, and other drinking establishments. It creates random names that work for modern cities, fantasy taverns, local pubs, and more.

To get ten random suggestions, click the generate button. Then click the stars next to your favorites to save them to a list.

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If you want to mix up these names, you can switch around the trailing word (e.g., pub, distillery, lounge, etc.) or remove it altogether. You’ll also find another popular bar name option using any name or last name followed by one of these words (e.g., O’Malley’s Pub, Anton’s Bar).

Cool Bar Names

These are some great name options if you’re looking for a cool-sounding place to hang out.

  • Crimson Rooster Distilling
  • Black Leaf Pub
  • Happy Buddha Bar
  • Black Pirate Alehouse
  • Burning Light Brewing Co.
  • Neon Rose Lounge
  • Thirsty Eyes Brewery
  • Pink Tiger Club
  • Blue Door Bar and Grill
  • Lone Dog Lounge
  • Black Bunny Bar
  • Peaceful Tree Brewing
  • Steel Serpent Saloon
  • Orange Dawn Alehouse
  • Twisted Llama Brewery
  • Velvet Plume Lounge
  • First Hill Brewery
  • Tipsy Owl Cocktail Lounge
  • Blue Eyes Brewing Co.
  • Little Penguin Brewing Co.

Funny Bar Names

These names are punny bar names or just plain funny word combinations.

  • Angry Smile Saloon
  • Secret Fan Pub
  • Dead Elf Taphouse
  • Holy Water Distilling
  • Surly Mermaid Club
  • Tipsy Owl Bar
  • Toothless Cowboy Saloon
  • Toothless Dragon Inn
  • Beer Pressure Brewing
  • Bad Saint Brewing
  • Boozy Flamingo Lounge
  • Golden Hippo Alehouse
  • Drunken Zombie Bar and Grill
  • Dead Man Brewing
  • Velvet Penguin Taphouse
  • Neon Monkey Saloon
  • Mad Llama Brewing
  • Blind Pilgrim Tap
  • Free Spirits Distillery
  • Pour Decisions Brewing
  • Pitcher Perfect Taphouse
a fantasy tavern full of patrons

Fantasy Tavern Names

If you’re creating a fantasy world or a tavern set in medieval times, these are some great options from the bar name generator.

  • White Elm Inn
  • Peaceful Dragon Tavern
  • Blue Pig Tavern
  • Royal Mug Alehouse
  • Last Knight Inn
  • Red Stag Inn
  • Burning Dragon Pub
  • Blind Traveller Tavern
  • Blind Boar Tavern
  • Great Boar Inn
  • Golden Owl Hall
  • Smiling Bear Inn
  • Wild Clover Inn
  • Blue Owl Tavern
  • Shining Oak Tavern
  • White Elm Inn
  • Toothless Dragon Pub
  • Royal Bear Tavern
  • Enchanted Boar Inn
  • Scarlet Witch Tavern
  • Red Dragon Alehouse
  • Black Elk Tavern
dive bar with pool table

Dive Bar Names

Finally, check out these options if you want a seedy-sounding dive bar name.

  • Drunken Angel Saloon
  • Golden Tooth Pub
  • Surly Mermaid Pub
  • Iron Boar Alehouse
  • Old Bandit Tap
  • Black Pirate Bar
  • Muddy Pig Saloon
  • Pale Jack Saloon
  • Bitter Bones Bar
  • Dark Lotus
  • The Bull
  • Iron Mug Pub
  • Wild Tiger Saloon
  • Wild Heart Lounge
  • Whiskey Badger Bar
  • Broken Diamond Lounge
  • Gold Nugget Tap
  • The Viking Bar
  • Lone Dove Lounge
  • Iron Boar Bar

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