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Blues Name Generator

This blues name generator creates cool sounding names for blues musicians. If you have a fictional musician, need a name for a story, or a pseudonym you’ll find some great options. You can also swap out the suggested last names with your own last name.

To get ten random ideas click the generate button. Then click the stars to save your favorites.

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Male Blues Names

Here are some good male name options from the generator.

  • Bronze Duke Malone
  • Tiny Perkins
  • Smiley Silver
  • Whiskey Tooth Redd
  • Steel-Eye Slim
  • Bald Buddy Williams
  • Broadway Franklin
  • Sly Jack Bradley
  • Bare Foot Taylor
  • High Hat Taylor
  • Stinky Slim
  • Smiley Dupree
  • Fluffhead Thompkins
  • Dingo Garcia
  • Nashville Perkins

Female Blues Names

Here’s a selection of favorite female names from the generator.

  • Tipsy Jordan
  • Evil Mama Cunningham
  • Gentle Baby Parker
  • Black Scar Redd
  • Shining Snake Redd
  • Angry Lips Armstrong
  • Flying Rose Jones
  • Bitter Rose Slim
  • Little Boots Jordan
  • Bingo Blue
  • Sly Gal Walker
  • Red Sally Butler
  • Boozy Lips Carson
  • Gentle Baby Jackson
  • Dizzy Davis

Cool Blues Names

These blues musician names have a particularly cool-sound to them, which is fitting for this style of music.

  • Golden Girl Callaway
  • Whiskey Dog McGee
  • Black Rose Callaway
  • Pale Dog Dupree
  • Silver City Sykes
  • Glass Jaw Green
  • Bare Foot Blackwell
  • Shining Snake Dixon
  • Big City King
  • Wild Jack Jones
  • Washboard Joe Johnson
  • Bad Eyes Bennett
  • Nine Gun Fuller
  • Smokey Calhoun
  • Smokes Dupree
  • Black Dawson
  • Patch Taylor
  • Steel Joe Carson
  • Lucky Dog McGee
  • Dizzy Dawson

Tough Names

These names work great for a gritty musician that begs to have a mysterious backstory.

  • Iron Lung Cunningham
  • Twisted Snake McGee
  • Bald Bulldog Rivers
  • One Eye Thornton
  • Mad Jane Jones
  • Wild Jack Franklin
  • Dead Duke McGee
  • Dirty Bones Allen
  • Angry Dog Taylor
  • Iron Buffalo Bradley
  • Surly Jack Baldwin
  • Boney Clark
  • Wicked Town Williams
  • Ugly Face Williams
  • Silver Scar Slim
  • Reckless Joe Franklin
  • Iron Man Carson
  • Big Gun Dupree
  • Dirty Joe Harris
  • Wicked Eye Parker

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