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DJ Name Generator

This DJ name generator will create ten random name ideas. These are great for any type of electronic music, hip-hop, or event DJs.

The first set of names have DJ added to the front of them but you can certainly drop it. The second set of names combines two words to make a unique name. Simply click the generate names button to get started and then click the star to save your favorites.

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How Do I Choose a DJ Name?

Here are four simple methods you can use to create your own DJ name.

1. Use a DJ name generator

Using our generator can help you come up with some ideas to get started or you can spin off your own ideas based on these suggestions.

2. Use your real name with a different last name

Many DJs use their real name or a real-sounding name. You could try using your first name and mix up the last name with something that sounds cool, or just change it all! Some DJs who’ve done this include Martin Garrix, Don Diablo, and Calvin Harris.

3. Take a word and make it unique by changing some letters

You can make just about any word a unique name by dropping or changing its letters. Think KSHMR or Deadmau5 for some real-world examples.

4. Create a new word by combining words.

You can take two words and mash them together to make a new name. You can also follow step three after combining the words and change or remove some letters. Some examples include Skrillex, Afrojack, and Diplo.