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Minecraft Server Name Generator

This Minecraft server name generator will give you random ideas for naming a gaming server. These names come from various mobs within Minecraft and other terms. They can be used for a server or any area within the game.

To get ten random server names, click the generate button. Then save your favorites by clicking the stars.

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Minecraft Domain Name Tips

If you also need to purchase a domain name, some of these names might work for you, but some might be taken. To make them even more unique, try adding a modifier to the name. Adding mc at the end or adding a color or descriptive word can work (e.g. sheepmountain.com can become redsheepmountain.com or sheepmountainmc.com).

Here are some ideas of some words that can be added to make a name unique:

  • A color (red, purple, blue, black, …)
  • A shape (square, block, blocky)
  • Another descriptive word (big, huge, tiny, super)
  • MC (short for Minecraft)
  • Gaming

Top Minecraft Server Names

Here are some of the top names from the Minecraft server name generator to get you started.

  • Red Skeleton City
  • Moonshadow Stronghold
  • Flying Pig City
  • Red Skeleton Galaxy
  • Black Llama Valley
  • Purple Piglin Vista
  • Mystic Mining
  • Spiderweb Mining
  • Llama Zone
  • White Zombie Grove
  • Magma Mountain
  • Endermite World
  • Vindicator Grove
  • Cat Land
  • Green Golem Jungle
  • Crimson Creeper Castle
  • Majestic Mountain
  • Ghast Island
  • Builder Galaxy
  • Moonshadow Mining
  • Black Dragon Stronghold
  • Lucky Paws MC
  • Moonshine MC
  • Eager Islands
  • Pink Pig Mining
  • Piglin Zone
  • Ocelot Citadel
  • Zombie Universe
  • Blocky Vista
  • Black Llama Island
  • Shulker Server
  • Phantom Server
  • Funky Islands
  • Skull Stronghold

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