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Our video game name generator will help you create the perfect title for your next video game or create a name for a fictional game. It combines prefixes and suffixes to generate completely random options.

To create a video game name, tap the generate button. Then tap the stars to save your favorites to a list.

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Top Video Game Name Ideas

Here are some of our favorite options from the video game name generator to help start your search for the perfect name.

  • Flame Force
  • Final Enigma
  • Battletooth
  • Planetstrikes
  • The Legend of the UFO
  • Steelstalker
  • Dark Command
  • Geocraze
  • Bioblast
  • War of the Machines
  • Battle Hunter
  • Whispers of the Void
  • Zodiac Avalanche
  • Conspiracy of the Sun
  • The Battle of the Immortals

Cool Video Game Names

  • Visitors From the Abyss
  • Silent Stalker
  • Knights of Midnight
  • War of Heaven
  • Demongene
  • Blackcraft
  • Escape From the Void
  • Bulletscape
  • Venom Soldiers
  • Run and Gun
  • Welcome to Infinity
  • Uncovering the Beast
  • Death to Reality
  • The Gaze of the Dragon
  • Princess of Midnight
  • The Art of War
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RPG Name Ideas

Many of these names fit well within the fantasy RPG genre, but we also included a few that would be excellent for a less traditional RPG.

  • Knights of the Beast
  • The Legend of the Immortals
  • Dragonheart
  • Temptation of the Mountain
  • Grave of the Underworld
  • Mysticage
  • The Return of the Samurai
  • Dragon Beast
  • Diamond Citadel
  • Darkmoon
  • Emerald Blades
  • Promise of the Past
  • God of the Dragon
  • Escaping the Dragon
  • Ultrascape
  • Phantom Knight

Fighting Game Names

  • King of the Mountain
  • Cold City
  • Super Legends
  • Scarlet Fighter
  • Galactic Fighter
  • Tale of the Machines
  • Battle Blaze
  • Fast Attack
  • Alphakill
  • King of the Machines
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Horror Game Names

These names might be a great fit if you’re naming a horror game like a zombie, vampire, or jump scare thriller.

  • The Curse of the Night
  • Grimlight
  • Black Tower
  • Attacked by Fear
  • Dead Edge
  • Chasing Dracula
  • Grave of Destiny
  • Bloodcraft
  • Ghostage
  • Welcome to Terror
  • King of Horror
  • Grave of the Dead
  • The Curse of the Sun
  • Dreadlust
  • The Gaze of Outer Space

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