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This eSports team name generator will create unique ideas for naming your gaming crew. It works great no matter what game genre you’re playing (FPS, Fighting, MMO, MOBA, RTS).

To generate ten random gaming team names, click the generate button. Then tap the stars to save your favorites to a list.

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Cool eSports Team Names

We’ve gathered some of the best eSports team names to help you and your crew get started on finding a fantastic name idea.

  • The Crimson Twisters
  • The Rainbow Beasts
  • Silent Shooters
  • The Joystick Hustlers
  • Glitch Hunters
  • The Last Resort
  • The Iron Knights
  • Glitch Dominators
  • The Zen Ghosts
  • The Fearless Pixels
  • Byte Ravens
  • The Wild Snipers
  • Put Your Quarter Up
  • The Arcade Hustlers
  • The Super Humans
  • The Golden Bosses
  • The Savage Assassins
  • The Jedi Mind Tricks
  • Byte Menaces
  • The White Spiders
  • Laser Point Gaming
  • Infinite Campers
  • Big Bosses
  • The Storm
  • Flow State Gaming
  • Snipe Bots
  • The Black Angels
  • Meta Setters
  • The Crimson Swords
  • The Amazing Campers
  • LAN Wolves
  • Byte Magicians
  • The Vicious Vipers
  • The Chosen Ones
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Dream Crushers
  • The Grim Gods
  • Speed Runners
  • The End Game
  • Zerggressive
  • The Dark Side
  • Byte Disciples
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Funny eSports Team Names

These are some excellent options if you want to put the competition on tilt by making them unsure of what to expect with a funny team name.

  • Wu-Tang LAN
  • The Short Sticks
  • PC Police
  • Wasted Potential
  • The Beautiful Cougars
  • Capture the Frag
  • Tanks for Nothing
  • Killstreaking in the Quad
  • The Easter Egg Hunters
  • Tanks a Lot
  • LAN Down Under
  • ABABStart
  • Blood Bath and Beyond
  • Meta Princesses
  • The Honey Badgers
  • Shooter McGamin’
  • Stack Daddy
  • The Sympathetic Snipers
  • Wesley Snipers
  • RNG Winners
  • Blue Steel
  • Stick Magnets
  • Chicks with Sticks
  • Campers Anonymous
  • LAN Halen
  • Counter-Strikes Back
  • LAN Solo
  • LAN Before Time
  • Your Kryptonite
  • The Eager Beavers
  • Gone with the Win
  • Jet Laggers
  • BatLAN and Robin
  • LANdo Calrissian
  • Super Smashed Pros
  • Backdoor Bombers
  • The Lag Wagon
  • The RNG Angels
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Real eSports Team Names

Here are some actual eSports team names to help you draw inspiration for your name ideas.

  • FaZe Clan – An international esports organization, competes in various titles.
  • Team Liquid – Multi-game esports team co-owned by former StarCraft pro.
  • 100 Thieves – Founded by former Call of Duty pro Nadeshot.
  • Evil Geniuses – One of the oldest North American esports brands.
  • TSM (Team SoloMid) – Formed in League of Legends, competes across titles.
  • Cloud9 – Founded by former League of Legends pros based in LA.
  • Team Envy – Texas-based team competing in various esports.
  • OpTic Gaming – A popular Call of Duty team now competes more broadly.
  • Misfits Gaming – Florida Mayhem’s parent esports organization.
  • Gen.G – Previously known as KSV eSports, owned by LA Dodgers.
  • Immortals – Backed by investment groups, competes in major titles.
  • G2 Esports – European organization with teams across many games.
  • Fnatic – One of the most successful esports brands founded in 2004.
  • Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) – Ukrainian esports team primarily known for CS:GO.
  • Virtus Pro – Russian esports organization with Counter-Strike legacy.
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas – A team based in Sweden known for its Counter-Strike teams.

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