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If you’re just getting started in Bethesda’s game Starfield or want to change your name, this Starfield name generator will help you find the perfect match.

To get ten random options, choose a gender and click generate. Then tap the stars to save your favorites.

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Note: Your in-game robot companion, Vasco, can pronounce all the names in this generator.

Best Male Starfield Names

Here are some great options pulled from the Starfield name generator to help get you started in naming a male character.

  • Gil Rogers
  • Crash Meister
  • Germano Fury
  • Blaze Lewis
  • Willy Rapp
  • Blake Morgue
  • Markus Hammer
  • Archer Unbreakable
  • Roy Bentley
  • Declan Fox
  • Zip Peterson
  • Jayce Python
  • Bo Tallahassee
  • Shaun Orion
  • Ash Rogers
  • Butch Bryant
  • Bash Holmes
  • Rock Gutierrez
  • Dominic Flash
  • Flash Cole
  • Dawson Corman
  • Dutch Yutani
  • Dj Death
  • Christian Colton
  • Avery Atom
  • Rex Black
  • Raf Romanov
  • Vic Puma
  • Crash Stratton
  • Caden Kauffman
  • Tuck Fury
  • Gavin Grant
  • Blake Boom
  • Jag Python
  • Russell Ride
  • Rocky Mccoy
an astronaut on an alien world

Best Female Starfield Names

If you’re searching for a female Starfield name, here are some options we found that might make an awesome character name.

  • Trinity Washington
  • Winter Mccoy
  • Marlowe Morales
  • Morgan Atom
  • River Boom
  • Jen Fury
  • Skyler Reynolds
  • Buffy Thomas
  • Nora Nuclear
  • Makayla Mikami
  • Akira Furiosa
  • Kaela Knight
  • Jessie Hicks
  • River Richardson
  • Jess Jackson
  • Penelope Hawk
  • Corri King
  • Princess Death
  • Cherry Cook
  • Cazz Vash
  • Fifi Romanova
  • Cazz Pierce
  • Isabella Frost
  • Amanda Morgue
  • Camden Vash
  • Harper Deckard
  • Marji Abrams
  • Nadia Powell
  • Amanda Angel
  • Kennedy Li
  • Bryn Young
  • Linda Banner
  • Savannah Psycho

Famous Starfield Names

Here are some names of famous characters from history, movies, television, video games, comics, and more that can be used in Starfield.

  • Brian Griffin – Family Guy
  • Buzz Aldrin – famous astronaut
  • Danny Noonan – Caddyshack
  • Don Draper – Mad Men
  • James Bond
  • Jerry Garcia – The Grateful Dead
  • John Snow – Game of Thrones
  • Gomez Adams – The Addams Family (slight misspelling to match Vasco’s vocabulary)
  • Gordon Freeman – Half-Life
  • Indiana Jones
  • John Romero – Doom Creator
  • John Marsden – Red Dead Redemption
  • John Wayne – Cowboy actor
  • Kal-El – Superman’s name
  • Marty Mcfly – Back to the Future
  • Miles Morales – Spider-Man
  • Michael Myers – Halloween
  • Peter Parker – Spider-Man
  • Peter Venkman – Ghostbusters
  • Tom Sawyer
  • Yojimbo – samurai movie
  • Yuri Gagarin – First human in space
astronaut comic drawing


Here are some of the sci-fi-related names we noticed in the list of available names that can be combined. You can probably find even more of these if you look at the generator!

  • Akira
  • Captain Picard – Star Trek
  • Fox Mulder – The X-Files
  • Han Solo – Star Wars
  • Isaac Asimov – Sci-Fi author
  • James Kirk – Star Trek
  • Jonathan Archer – Star Trek: Enterprise
  • Imperator Furiosa – Mad Max
  • Isaac Clarke – Dead Space
  • Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games
  • Leo McCoy – Star Trek
  • Malcolm Reynolds – Firefly (or Mal)
  • Morpheus – The Matrix
  • Neo – The Matrix
  • Princess Leia – Star Wars
  • Snake Plissken – Escape from New York (and L.A.)
  • Richard Riddick – Chronicles of Riddick
  • Rick Deckard – Blade Runner
  • Rictus Erectus – Mad Max villain
  • Ripley – Alien
  • Scully – X-Files
  • Tetsuo – Akira
  • Toecutter – Mad Max
  • Trinity – The Matrix
  • Weyland Yutani – Alien

Funny Starfield Names

Here are a handful of funny-sounding names that can be used in the game. Again, there are even more opportunities for crazy-sounding names if you’re looking for them.

  • Atomic Dong
  • Captain Hook
  • Captain Morgan
  • Captain Nasty
  • Captain Toadie
  • Princess Badass
  • Richard Humongous
  • Sebastian Mudguts
  • Spider Webb

What Names Will Vasco Say?

Any name that is bolded Vasco will speak on occasion. He will typically address the character as “Captain” followed by the last name if it can be pronounced, but not saying the entire name. If Vasco only knows the first name, it will use that instead.

How Do You Change Your Name in Starfield?

To change your character’s name in Starfield, go to any Enhance Clinic and pay them 500 credits to change your name and appearance.

Does the player name have any impact on the Starfield campaign?

Aside from fun and immersion, the player’s name doesn’t impact the campaign. Your robot companion, Vasco, is the only character who can speak your name.

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