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Secret Society Name Generator

This secret society name generator will create ideas perfect for a secret club, fraternity, or organization. These can be used for games, fiction writing, or even real life. Each name has either a prefix or suffix representing the group (e.g., The Order of …, The League of …, or … Society), and then a unique name, often with a mysterious sound to it.

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Hopefully, you will find some great options using the generator. We’ve also listed some of our favorite ideas below.

Fraternity Name Generator Ideas

A fraternity can be a college organization or a group sharing a common profession or interests. If you want an idea that goes beyond boring greek letters, these names will spark some imagination.

  • Enlightened Hand Fraternity
  • The Fraternity of the Silent Lion
  • The Brotherhood of the Eclipse
  • The Brotherhood of the Steady Hand
  • Black Suits Club
  • Wooden Horn Fraternity
  • The Fraternity of the Seven
  • Illusive Owl Brotherhood
  • The Fraternity of the Blind Eye
  • The Brotherhood of the Viper
  • The Brotherhood of the Iron Hand
  • The Order of the Mighty Sons
  • The Fraternity of the Iron Tome

Sorority Names

Sororities are typically college organizations of women for social or professional reasons. If you want a name that goes beyond the typical greek letters, give these a try.

  • The Sisterhood of the Hammer
  • Sacred Sword Sisterhood
  • Daughters of the Royal Panthers
  • Secret Rose Society
  • Sapphire Angel Club
  • Daughters of the Flame
  • Scarlet Tear Sisterhood
  • The Steel Rose
  • Daughters of the Night
  • Gatekeepers Sisterhood
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Secret Club Names

A secret club is often created for those of a like mind to socialize and can even be mission-oriented. These are some great names for a club.

  • Loyal Vipers Society
  • Everlasting Monkey Lodge
  • Red Star Lodge
  • Shadow Lodge
  • 9th Pine Club
  • Grim Gatekeepers Club
  • Eagle Lodge
  • Black Shadow Club
  • Lucky Knight Lodge

Secret Organization Names

Secret organizations have more of a sinister sound, like they’re taking over the world, but they could also be organized for good.

  • Order of the Ancient Crest
  • Honorable Order of the Ancient Owl
  • Dead Blades Society
  • The Order of the Fire
  • The Alliance of the Sacred Bones
  • Knights of the Sacred Sword
  • The Order of the Thirteen
  • Order of the Sacred Eagle
  • Children of the Shadow
  • Sons of the Great Mystery

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