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Religion Name Generator

Use this religion name generator to develop a new faith, cult, or random religious organization. It works wonderfully for fiction writing, world-building, and gaming.

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This generator creates two types of religion names. The first is a name, made-up word, or word combination followed by “ism.” These names are similar to real religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, or Paganism. The second type is an organization name followed by a descriptor. Some real religions like this include the Church of the Nazarene, the Order of the Solar Temple, and the Temple of the Black Light.

For some ideas for fiction or gaming (such as Crusader Kings) from the generator, see the categorized religion names below.

Top Fictional Religion Names

This is a selection of some of the favorite names from the generator.

  • Order of the Enigma
  • Solarism
  • Order of Divinity
  • Interdeism
  • Servants of the King
  • Children of Harmony
  • Church of Revelations
  • Rikoism
  • Followers of Truth
  • Healers of Dreams
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Cool Religion Names

Here are some fictional religions with names so cool that you might be tempted to join.

  • Zofism
  • Rowenism
  • Paragons of Truth
  • Sisters of the Elements
  • Sect of Dragons
  • Healers of Radiance
  • Servants of the Eclipse
  • Sisters of the Rapture
  • Neoglobalism
  • Galactism
  • Sisters of the Dragon
  • Wanders of the Covenant
  • Kaitoism
  • Creed of the Celestials
  • Children of Humanity
  • Exouniversalism
  • Church of Water
  • Servants of Glorious Light
  • Congregation of Inner Light
  • Magnusism

Funny Religion Names

Here are some ideas that are more on the humorous side of things.

  • Hoboism
  • Children of the Virgin
  • Broism
  • Gluttonism
  • Faith of the Unfaithful
  • Bobism
  • Order of the Disorganized
  • Brothers of the Sacrificed
  • Mentalism
  • Blackism
  • Followers of the Unknown
  • Church of Karen
  • Followers of the Profit
  • Radical Buddhism
  • Pastafarianism
  • Junk Scientists
  • Order of Madness
  • Followers of No One
  • Confusionism
  • Followers of the Leader
  • Order of the Brainwashed

Evil Religion Names and Cults

These names sound dark and evil. They make for great evil cults or religious enemies.

  • Creed of Dragons
  • Oracles of the Ancient
  • Sect of the Obscure
  • Followers of the Flaming Eye
  • Cult of the Night
  • Communion of the Black Sign
  • Cult of the Flame
  • Servants of the Black Shaman
  • Servants of Eternal Doom
  • Creed of Majick
  • Brothers of the Dark One

Real Religions

If you’d like some real religions to use as a reference for coming up with even more ideas, here are a few samples to help you brainstorm.

  • Christianity
  • Buddhism
  • Hinduism
  • Jainism
  • Sikhism
  • Judaism
  • Zoroastrianism
  • Mumboism
  • Commandment Keepers
  • Science of Spirituality
  • Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness
  • Eckankar
  • Church of Aphrodite
  • Goddess movement
  • Covenant of the Goddess
  • Temple of the True Inner Light
  • Church of the Universe
  • Home of Truth
  • Cult of the Supreme Being
  • Heaven’s Gate

More Name Ideas

After you’ve found a name for your religion you might be interested in these other generators: