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Temple Name Generator

This temple name generator will create name ideas for places of worship, shrines, and other holy locations. They can be used for both good and evil places in a role-playing, fictional, or fantasy world.

Click the generate button to get ten random options, and then click the stars to save your favorites to a list. You can reference the list of place types below if you want to swap out the results for a specific place.

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Temple Place List

Here’s a list of the various place types you might want to use when naming your temple. You can swap these into the results from the temple name generator and use your favorite suffix.

  • Abbey of
  • Alter of
  • Cathedral of
  • Chapel of
  • Church of
  • House of
  • Monastery of
  • Mosque of
  • Pagoda of
  • Pantheon of
  • Pillar of
  • Sanctuary of
  • Sanctum of
  • Shrine of
  • Tabernacle of
  • Temple of
  • Tower of

Good Names for Temples

Here are some favorite ideas for naming temples that come from the generator. Feel free to use any of these or generate your own above.

  • Cathedral of Tranquility
  • Church of Infinite Wisdom
  • The Temple of Oblivion
  • Church of Mirror Rock
  • The Temple of Insight
  • The House of the Glowing Grove
  • The Temple of the Hallowed Forest
  • Cathedral of the Prophet
  • Sanctum of Spirits
  • Sanctum of the Hallowed Forest
  • Temple of Visions
  • Shrine of the Blessed
  • The House of the Oracle
  • House of the Sacred Oasis
  • House of Souls
  • The Alter of the Universe
  • Temple of the Rising Sun
  • Chapel of Time
  • The House of the Forsaken
  • Chapel of Fate

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