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Church Name Generator

This church name generator creates great names for churches of any Christian denomination. It will generate names followed by the word church and other options like chapel, ministries, and denominations. If you find a name you like, you can drop or switch these around.

To get started, click the generate button for ten random ideas. Then click the stars to save your favorites to a list.

Try our temple name generator if you’d like a name that fits other religions and fictional uses (though it may provide additional inspiration for a real location).

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How do you create a church name?

To create a church name, begin by thinking of the type of environment you want to build within your church. For example, is it modern and fun, reverent, peaceful, or traditional? Here are some tips to help:

  1. If you want a welcoming name, you might choose some features of the church’s area. You can use the city name, partial city name, or some natural features. Is it in the woods, the city, near a river, or the mountains? Riverdale, Mountainstream, Heartland, and Streamsong all make great names.
  2. Do you have a particular area of teaching you feel strongly about? You might be able to use this to create a name. Examples include Baptism, His Children, Resurrection, Compassion, and Heaven.
  3. Use the generator above to either pick a name or get a list of the type of names you like to create your own ideas.

Good Church Names

Here are some great ideas from the generator to get you started:

  • Crossroads Ministries
  • Compassionate Father Church
  • Discovery Ministries
  • Valleyview Fellowship Church
  • Merciful Cross Church
  • Fellowship Christian Church
  • Heavenly Oasis Church
  • Glorious Freedom Church
  • Eternal Refuge Church
  • Awaken Baptist Church
  • Everlasting Redeemer Church
  • Lighthouse Covenant Church
  • Compassionate Redemption Church
  • Hickory Grove Christian Fellowship
  • Christ the King Ministries
  • Creekside Alliance Church
  • Eternal Freedom Church
  • Blessed Fellowship Church
  • The Path Church
  • Lamb of God Community Church
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You might also enjoy our religion name generator if you’re working on a fictional church.

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