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This Korean name generator creates unique names from the most popular Korean first and last names. It works great for both South Korean and North Korean names, though it emphasizes the South.

To generate ten random options, select a gender and tap the generate button. Then tap the stars to save your favorites to a list.

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Note: Like some Eastern names, Korean names are written in the order of surname followed by the given name (in Western cultures, this would be something like “Johnson Ryan”).

Male Korean Names

To help you start discovering some great name ideas, here are some male Korean name ideas taken from the generator.

  • Boo Kwang-hwan
  • Hu In-sik
  • Suk Jong-hyuk
  • Pham Myung-jun
  • Miller Jung-nam
  • Park Kyung-wan
  • Rim Ha-joon
  • Ahn Hyung-min
  • Goh Hyeong-won
  • He Dong-ha
  • Kwon Myung-jun
  • Kook Jae-woo
  • Man Min-woo
  • Jeoung Hyun-tae
  • Yeo Jae-joon
  • Jun Jeong-ho
  • Cheng Jong-hyun
  • He Jae-hyuk
  • Sohn Jun-seo
  • Jeoung Sang-hyun
  • Soo Do-hyun
  • Hwang Gi-ung
  • David Chi-won
  • Pok Myung-yong
  • Myong Kyung-seok
  • Shrestha Dong-chul
  • Kay Kyu-chul
  • Hwa Jae-beom
  • Rhee Chul-woo
  • Huang Jooheon
  • Chee Joon-tae
  • Cha In-sik
  • Hwangbo Ha-joon
  • Chom Ki-tae
  • Chaudhary Kwang-seok
  • Tan Jun-seok
  • Yeom Jong-il
  • Yeom Dong-woo
  • Choy Kyung-hwan
  • Lu Min-jun
  • Jiang Jun-ha
  • Exo Min-chul
  • Ping Chang-min
  • Eun Kyung-jae
  • Ok Jong-yul
  • Yoo Moon-soo
  • Youm Kyung-mo
  • Rahman Chul-soo
  • Moore Sang-wook
  • Shon Moon-soo
Gyeongbokgung Palace. South Korea

Female Korean Names

These female Korean names might make excellent options for your Korean character.

  • Yeon Hye-su
  • Xu Yumi
  • Das Myung-soon
  • Ka So-hee
  • Kho Yoo-jung
  • Moore Soo-ah
  • Ha Seon-mi
  • Yu Namjoo
  • Ong Hye-in
  • Byun Jina
  • Jiang Na-rae
  • Im Na-rae
  • Youm Ga-eul
  • Do Hye-ja
  • Suk Mi-kyung
  • Hu Ye-rin
  • Min Min-ji
  • Yi Sa-rang
  • Paeng Sung-mi
  • O Sun-ok
  • Yoo Ae-jung
  • Namgung Ga-young
  • Shinn Ga-in
  • Cui Sook-ja
  • Gong Chae-won
  • Whang Seo-yeon
  • Pyo In-sook
  • Chee Chae-young
  • Ro Yumi
  • Eo Kyung-ah
  • Koo Ha-eun
  • A Ha-eun
  • Eom Areum
  • Do Mina
  • Allen Eun-kyung
  • Aung Eun-byul
  • Nae Bora
  • Yo So-young
  • Mae Myung-ok
  • Gwon Si-yeon
  • Yom Ji-yeon
  • Tokko Ji-young
  • Si Do-hee
  • Min Gyuri
  • Pok So-yeon
  • Muk Eun-ha
  • Chom Jung-sook
  • Hu Yeo-jin
  • Hae Hye-rin
  • Tu Shin-hye

Famous Koreans

Here are some of the most famous Koreans to help influence your name selection.

  • BTS (music group) – The members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook of the wildly popular K-pop group BTS.
  • Ban Ki-moon – Diplomat and politician who was the eighth Secretary General of the United Nations.
  • Lee Byung-hun – Actor known for roles in Joint Security Area, The Good, the Bad, the Weird, G.I. Joe film series, etc.
  • Choi Min-sik – Acclaimed actor who starred in Oldboy, Lucy, I Saw the Devil, etc.
  • Rain – Actor and pop star across Asia, known for roles in Ninja Assassin, Speed Racer, etc.
  • Son Ye-jin – A top actress known for roles in Something in the Rain, Crash Landing on You, and Be With You.
  • Park Ji-sung – Soccer player who captained the South Korean national team and played for Manchester United.
  • Kim Yuna – Figure skater, Olympic champion, and national hero in South Korea.
  • Psy – Singer and rapper best known for his viral hit song “Gangnam Style.”
  • Shin Lim – Magician who gained fame by winning America’s Got Talent: The Champions.
  • Yoon Se-ri – The South Korean heiress and lead character in the K-drama Crash Landing on You played by Son Ye-jin.
  • Jeong Hyeok – North Korean army captain who falls for Yoon Se-ri in Crash Landing on You, played by Hyun Bin.
  • Gu Seung-jun – Male lead in My Sassy Girl movie, a college student who dates the eccentric female lead.
  • Geum Jan-di – Poor heroine in Boys Over Flowers K-drama who gets tangled with a rich heir.
  • Choi Young-do – Brooding, conflicted lead male in The Heirs, love interest to the female protagonist.
  • Oh Ha-ni – Quirky, clumsy heroine pursuing the unattainable male lead in Playful Kiss.
  • Ko Moon-young – Top actress with antisocial personality disorder in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.
  • Yoo Si-jin – Handsome captain in Descendants of the Sun who falls for female doctor Kang Mo-yeon.
  • Lee Gon – Korean emperor who time travels to parallel universes in The King: Eternal Monarch.
  • Ko Mun-yeong – North Korean pianist undercover as a South Korean heiress in Crash Landing on You.

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