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Blacksmith Name Generator

This Blacksmith name generator will provide random forge names perfect for Dungeons & Dragons (DND), roleplaying, Renaissance fairs, fiction writing, or even an actual shop.

To get ten options, tap the generate button, then click the stars to save your favorites to a list.

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Fantasy Blacksmith Names

Here’s a selection of options that work great for roleplaying adventures (dnd) or fiction writing for a fantasy world.

  • Advan’s Swordstock
  • Blackheart Anvil
  • Black Great Horse Armor
  • Dragonfeller Forge
  • The East Arcanite Company
  • Anvil of the Mountain King
  • The Fallen Hammers
  • Flying Pig Iron
  • Hamett’s Hobgoblin Forge
  • Black Hobgoblin Armor
  • Blunted Blade
  • The Dwarven Blade
  • Blood Iron Smithcraft
  • Blue Dwarven Forge
  • Dame of Flame
  • Dancing Flame Forge
  • The Ancient Lance
  • Ironclad
  • Spike’s Swinging Chisels
  • Anvil of the Knave
  • Burne’s Blood Nail
  • Arms of Steel
  • Mountain’s Might
  • Slayer’s Viking Lance
  • Hallowed Hammers
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Realistic Blacksmith Names

These blacksmith names have a more realistic sound and might work great for an actual shop or fiction writing that needs to be more grounded in reality.

  • Metal Mastery
  • AAA Steel
  • Shining Armor Forge
  • Blue Blazes
  • The Best Offense
  • Metal Arts
  • Anything Metal
  • Blackstone Forge
  • Anvil Crafts
  • Angelsmith
  • The Blacksmith’s Forge
  • The Fiendish Forge
  • Nice Ring To It
  • Iron Designs
  • Metal Fabrications
  • Sword in the Stone
  • Everflame Forge
  • Forging Matters
  • Clink and Clank
  • Anvil Mastery
  • Metal Works
  • By Hammer and Hand
  • Soot and Sizzle
  • Artisan’s Anvil
  • Hallowed Hammers

Funny Blacksmith Names

Here’s a selection of funny blacksmith names that will get a laugh and draw the attention of prospective customers.

  • Striking Hot
  • Smokey Robinson’s
  • Nailing It
  • Get Hammered and Die
  • Hammer Clamor
  • Steely Conviction
  • Real Steel
  • Blue Steel
  • Dame of Flame
  • Live By The Sword
  • Gorge’ n Forge
  • Ball of Fire
  • Like Moths
  • One Knight Only
  • Hammer Time
  • Balls of Steel
  • Bloodbath & Beyond
  • Smith Thee
  • Smelt in my Arms
  • Balls of Fire
  • The Flame Game
  • Heavy Metals
  • Hot diggety dog!
  • Hammer Glamor
  • Metal Mettle
illustration of a fantasy blacksmith shop

Female and Male Blacksmith Character Names

(smithy) If you’re looking for a name for a smithy character, check out some of these options. Our English name generator or character name generator can also work great for these names.

  • Annabelle Barton
  • Ian Gibbs
  • Flynn Harrison
  • Maddox Stone
  • Aryan Henry
  • Rex Carter
  • Rowan Edwards
  • Arya Woods
  • Winter Willis
  • Axel Stokes
  • Sara Shepherd
  • Maximus Hicks
  • Max Davison
  • Mason Steele
  • Sophie Poole
  • Connor Cross
  • Huxley Lloyd
  • Nylah May
  • Alicia Harding
  • Tristan Potter
  • Brody Manning
  • Jack Gregory
  • Atticus Dixon
  • Miles Knight
  • Grayson Hancock

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