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This castle name generator will help you develop excellent ideas for fiction writing, role-playing, or any other reason you need a name. Castles were spread across Europe during Medieval times, best known for housing Kings, Queens, and other royalty. They also fill the pages of fantasy novels which are typically set in a similar era.

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Top Fantasy Castle Names

Here are some of our favorite castle names from the generator to get you started:

  • Windshire Palace
  • Worthwood Castle
  • Misty Keep
  • Nara Castle
  • Greenhill Castle
  • Stirling Hold
  • Cloveshire Castle
  • Flatwick Castle
  • Melrose Castle
  • Cowle Castle
  • Oakenhold Citadel
  • Elden Castle
  • Wolveshire Castle
  • Windkeep Fort
  • Lorechester Castle
  • Talsworth Citadel
  • Wallersley Keep
  • Tarlington Castle
  • Stonehill Castle
  • The Red Palace

Fictional Castles

Here is a list of some well known fictional castles that might help inspire you.

  • Camelot
  • Castle Dracula
  • Barad-dur – Lord of the Rings
  • Hogwarts Castle – Harry Potter
  • Castle Grayskull – He-Man
  • Shimada Castle – Overwatch
  • Winterfell – Game of Thrones
  • Isengard – Lord of the Rings
  • Castle Wolfenstein
  • Cair Paravel – Chronicles of Narnia
  • The Blue Palace – Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Disney Castle
  • The Crystal Castle – She-Ra
  • Casterly Rock – Game of Thrones
  • Hyrule Castle – Zelda

English Castles

These are some of the most famous English castles.

  • Windsor Castle – The Royal palace and largest inhabited castle
  • Highclere Castle – featured in Downton Abbey
  • Warwick Castle
  • Alnwick Castle – The UK’s second-largest inhabited castle
  • Bamburgh Castle
  • Tower of London – famous prison and former royal residence
  • Leeds Castle
  • Hever Castle – the childhood home of Anne Boleyn
Neuschwanstein castle germany

Medieval Castles

Here are some name of Medieval castles from various locations.

  • Alcazar de Segovia – Spain
  • Himeji Castle – Japan
  • Hohensalzburg Castle – Austria
  • Cairo Citadel – Egypt
  • Corvin Castle – Romania
  • Eilean Donan – Scotland
  • Bran Castle – Romania
  • Malbork Castle – Poland
  • Pena Palace – Portugal
  • Eltz Castle – Germany
  • Chateau de Foix – France
  • Castello di Moncalieri – Italy

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