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Jungle Name Generator

This jungle name generator has tons of unique options for naming a rainforest, jungle, or other tropical wooded area. We’ve gathered names that are perfect for your next fictional writing project or role-playing adventure.

To get ten random options, tap the generate button. Then tap the stars to save your favorite ones to a list.

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Animal Jungle Names

  • Spider Reserve
  • Baboon Tropics
  • Dancing Bird Cloud Forest
  • Mountain Gorilla Tropics
  • Serpent Forest
  • Monkey Brush Forest
  • Jaguar Cloud Forest
  • Macaw Jungle
  • White Lion Rainforest
  • Black Elephant Jungle
  • Sloth Jungle
  • Green Anaconda Forest
  • Bird of Paradise Jungle
  • White Tiger Cloud Forest
  • Tigerpaw Cloud Forest
  • Crocodile Rainforest
  • Butterfly Jungle
  • Lioness Tropics
  • Black Rhino Jungles
  • Snaketail Reserve
  • Royal Lion Tropics
  • Ocelot Reserve
  • Capybara Rainforest
a toucan on a branch in a rainforest

Exotic Jungle Names

  • Howling Jungles
  • Burning Cloud Forest
  • Soft Cloud Forest
  • White Jungle
  • Ivory Reserve
  • Primeval Wilds
  • Ivory Tropics
  • Pristine Forest
  • Diamond Reserve
  • Predator Wilds
  • Titan Wilds
  • Golden Jungle
  • Feral Wilds
  • Scarlet Wilds
  • Shadowed Jungle
  • Mysterious Wilds
  • Guardian Tropics
  • Ivory Cloud Forest
  • Venomous Jungle
  • Chocho Jungle
an illustration of a jungle with a mountain in the background

Unique Name Ideas

  • Igi Jungles
  • Bera Jungle
  • Banh Jungles
  • Zaki Jungle
  • Vriksh Wilds
  • Jukumari Reserve
  • Kihalabu Cloud Forest
  • Winay Jungle
  • Ch’aki Cloud Forest
  • Kwale National Park
  • Guyra Tropics
  • Amharic Wilds
  • Buenaverde Reserve
  • Rharimau Tropics
  • Surland Rainforest
  • Beruk Reserve
  • Inkawu Wilds
  • Sinjahan Cloud Forest
  • Kayu Jungle
  • Atuq Wilds
  • Rafflesia Rainforest
  • Lonru Forest
  • Kiniun Cloud Forest

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