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Alien Name Generator

This alien name generator will help you name an individual or an alien species. It works great for Star Wars, Star Trek, other Sci-Fi universes, or your own fiction writing.

Click the generate button to get ten random name ideas, and click the stars next to your favorites.

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Alien Names

  • Baeqex
  • Craz’el
  • Ohle
  • Venzuk
  • Aucrud
  • Larkrier
  • Shirit
  • Scakoit
  • Voq’oi
  • Khorel
  • Sezan
  • Bhimho
  • Vupho
  • Gonzik
  • Xoqea
  • Bugmals
  • Grizzod
  • Krakoid
  • Azos
  • Shunel
  • Griegzu
  • Nodies
  • Iktus
  • Trixen
  • Kogzo
  • Gonzan
  • Sezs’u
  • Grignex
  • Greiqnie
  • Zonquns
  • Zirgis
  • Krakzi
  • Inoit
  • Zestie
  • Vagel
  • Zergoik
  • Qeigmor
  • Kierlis
  • Ruhod
  • Gorax
  • Krigzuth
  • Dharur
  • Zonqnex
  • Ozomi
  • Gonznex
  • Ellos
  • Luuzaits
  • Illeals
  • Sissig
  • Nulieth
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Tips for Picking a Name

This tool combines both preset alien names and random prefix and suffix combinations. Some names aren’t easy to pronounce, while others fit easier within the English language.

If the character or species is going to be spoken out loud or referred to often, it may be easier to choose a name with some familiar sounds. Otherwise, feel free to use whatever best fits your character.

If you want to make the name even more unique, you could add additional characters to the end or combine two words to make a first and last name. You can even split the names with a different character, like a dash or apostrophe. For example:

  • Vigid X9
  • Zergod Gorae
  • Tocci’osol
  • Dharax-Ozooik

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