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This Chiss name generator will create random ideas perfect for the Star Wars species. Known best for Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Chiss are a near-human civilization from the planet Csilla. The species has blue skin with glowing red eyes and black or gray hair.

Click the generate button to get ten random ideas. Then click the stars to save your favorites to a list.

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How Chiss Names Work

The Chiss have a traditional name that consists of three parts separated by apostrophes. The first and last parts of their names are related to their family. The center portion is their core name. This name is often used by outsiders who cannot pronounce a full Chiss name.

For example, Thrawn’s full name is Mitth’raw’nuruodo. As you can see, the core name is taken from a couple of letters before the first apostrophe, the center, and a letter after the second apostrophe.

This Chiss name generator provides full names followed by the core name in parentheses, making them easy to pick out. We have taken the time to improve upon other generators by making sure these core names are reasonably pronounceable rather than random jumbles of letters.

Star Wars Chiss Names

Here are some names taken from Star Wars movies, shows, comics, and novels to provide examples of Chiss names. These can inspire you to create your own names for fan-fiction and Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR).

Full NameCore Name

Good Chiss Names

Here’s a selection of name options from the generator if you prefer a list format.

  • Ufzi’gfet’tkiord (Zigfett)
  • Chakr’uva’lkiord (Kruval)
  • Csaas’on’aodo (Asona)
  • Duku’gdo’ril (Kugdor)
  • Sera’ngro’glaio (Rangrog)
  • Seveja’ld’amoh (Jalda)
  • Brasdr’ud’oeoni (Drudo)
  • Plizo’ka’lanico (Zokal)
  • Sheto’lra’nakan (Tolran)
  • Jaar’afa’lakan (Arafal)
  • Stydr’ud’oeoni (Drudo)
  • Kazo’ba’nevah (Zoban)
  • Hessvi’gai’lima (Vigail)
  • Xodda’lro’gifis (Dalrog)
  • Styjo’rga’rlaio (Jorgar)
  • Kugr’ed’austro (Greda)
  • Ufwa’rroc’halsi (Warroch)
  • Hessdr’oza’ltrob (Drozal)
  • Xodvo’s’kima (Vosk)
  • Jera’nga’rco (Rangar)

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