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Miraluka Name Generator

This Miraluka name generator will create male and female names suitable for the Star Wars species. These names are perfect for fiction writing or Knights of the Old Republic.

To get ten random name options, select a gender and then click generate. Click the stars to save your favorites.

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Upon looking at Miraluka’s names in the Star Wars Universe, it doesn’t appear they follow any particular convention. Some have first and last names, while others have only a first name.

For this generator, we’ve provided a selection of general Star Wars-sounding names while ensuring they match the existing Miraluka styles.

Male Miraluka Names

Here are some sample male names from the generator:

  • Faro Cari
  • Famas Magnus
  • Balen Iscandar
  • Palan Edo
  • Shen Odai
  • Von Reu Lai
  • Seff Ka
  • Weskin Arbon
  • Raku Baine
  • Zeff Void
  • Vim Lassiter
  • Javin Aldan
  • Kudro Latt
  • Kil Artis
  • Chal Corcer

Female Miraluka Names

Here are some female names that we liked from the generator:

  • Amina Klusto
  • Sash Vassic
  • Mevi Vitaan
  • Zoa Bahr
  • Nevia Nevran
  • Aolo Tye
  • Leyna Bane
  • Amina Chance
  • Janus Ordona
  • Setria De Res
  • Teka Targon
  • Jayel Drayen
  • Myna Strax
  • Jas Aquilla
  • Tharia Valen

Star Wars Miraluka Names

Here are some of the names used for Miraluka in Star Wars:

  • Visas Marr – A female Miraluka who was Darth Nihilus’ apprentice.
  • Prosset Dibs – The Tenth Brother, a former Jedi turned into an Inquisitor.
  • Q’Anilia – A female Jedi Master who served the Jedi Covenant as a seer.
  • Jerec – A Jedi master who turned to the dark side and became an Inquisitor.
  • Shoaneb Culu – A female Jedi Knight
  • Noab Hulis – A male Jedi Master
  • Krynda Draay – A half-human half-Miraluka female Jedi Master
  • Lucien Draay – part Miraluka, male Jedi Master and son of Krynda Draay
  • Adeline Marr – a female Jedi Knight

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